Angela Deem & Doctor Obeng Look Cozy Together At His Birthday Party

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Angela Deem and Doctor Obeng met up for her consultation about weight loss surgery. Teasers and spoilers ahead of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? which returns in April, revealed she got very flirty with him. Actually, fans thought it looked a bit over top with hot and heavy hints. Later, she went to his birthday bash in Los Angeles.  Now, leaked footage reveals that she and the doctor looked very cozy together.

Angela Deem & Doctor Obeng get closer at his birthday party

We reported that the spoilers for the upcoming 90 Day Fiance show revealed Angela Deem coming onto her doctor. In fact, she made some very suggestive and flirty comments to him. One of those involved telling him that no man touched her breasts in months.” Additionally, she asked him about his marital status. Furthermore, Angela told him that he’s way too “handsome ” to be her doctor. The fact that he comes from Ghana, a neighboring country to Nigeria, where Micheal Ilesanmi lives seemed intriguing for her.

Later, Screenrant noted that Angela Deem’s Doctor Obeng threw a party for his birthday. Her daughter, Skyla Rae shared something about it on her Instagram. However, her photo didn’t show anything untoward and the doctor wasn’t in the picture. In another post, she confirmed that she and her mom flew into California for the night. By all appearances, they enjoyed a wonderful time there.

Now, wait! What? Okay, so how many people see a weight loss doctor and end up invited to a private event by him? Plus, how many people end up looking cozy with their medical professional? Outside of reality TV that might seem rather unethical for a start.

Leaked footage reveals the TLC star looking cozy with the medical professional

Some fans who saw the footage of Angela Deem and Doctor Obeng looking cozy at the party, suspect a hint. Probably he plays a much larger part in 90 Day Fiance franchise than first expected. 90 Day The Melanated Way on Instagram shared the footage that they received via a follower. The footage started off with people posing for the cameras. Actually, that’s similar to the one Skyla shared. A lot of people attended, and the video flicked through some of the faces there. Of course, it included Michael’s partner, Angela.

Admittedly, the footage reveals only a small glimpse of Angela Deem and Doctor Obeng. Still, it’s enough for fans to notice she stood with one breast pressed against his chest. Additionally, it looked like he had his arm around her. Now that might seem rather harmless, but fans think possibly she makes Michael jealous. After all, they look rather cozy together. Meanwhile, others suspect a third-wheel drama in the new show. In the comments section, TLC fans speculated on what it all means.

Fans comment about the birthday party

Of course, 90 Day Fiance fans suspect that Angela Deem and Doctor Obeng feature at the party in the show. One of them commented, “Let’s be honest, if Myykul went to a party without her and was touching/hugging other women like she is doing, she would flip a f–king lid.”

Another one noted, “if it were the other way around… Michael would be dead!! And in his grave he still would NEVER hear the end of it!!” So, yes, the potential drama could come along.

As one TLC fan said, “This just confirms that his party will be featured on Angela new show, (sic).” Another fan commented: “She’s gonna try and get that doctor. Sorry Michael 😂.”

Angela Deem & Doctor Obeng Look Cozy Together At His Birthday Party
Credit: im_d_ollady via 90 Day The Melanated Way | Instagram

An interesting aspect about the party is that one fan noticed Gorilla Girl in the crowd. Dr. Obeng worked on her when she applied gorilla glue to her hair. Later, she ended up signing on with Gina Rodriguez, her new manager. If the party where Angela Deem & Doctor Obeng look cozy features in 90 Day Fiance, it might be her first opportunity to stand in front of reality TV cameras.

Gorilla Glue Girl Lands Manager Gina Rodriguez

What are your thoughts about Angela Deem rocking up at the party? Do you think it brings a third wheel to 90 Day Fiance for Michael Ilesanmi? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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