Gorilla Glue Girl Lands Manager Gina Rodriguez

Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown

Gorilla Glue Girl, (Tessica Brown) just landed Gina Rodriguez as her manager. Well known as the manager of Mama June Shannon and her family, Gina also recently launched her Happily Ever Altered show. As Gorilla Glue Girl so nearly permanently altered herself with glue in her hair, maybe that intrigued Gina. Recall, Tessica Brown went viral when she used the wrong glue in her hair and pleaded for help on TikTok.

Gorilla Glue Girl works with Gina Rodriguez exec producer for Gitoni

Well known for her involvement with Gitoni, who presents many brands, TV shows, and well-known faces, Gina’s someone most rising stars would love to meet. Well, Gorilla Glue Girl not only met her but now she lays claim to one of the best managers in the business. So, she joins the likes of people like Honey Boo Boo, Melissa Gorga, Blac Chyna, and Vicki Gunvalson. It’s not clear quite what Gina plans for Tessica Brown. And it looks like she probably won’t be one of the people in the new show Happily Ever Altered.

If you don’t know, Happily Ever Altered came to Lifetime and featured people who underwent various makeovers and surgeries before their wedding day.  The drama came when they decided if they still choose to wed after their transformation. A lot of fans wondered if Mama June would feature in it. But Gina explained the show isn’t tied to Not to Hot. But really, for Gorilla Glue Girl, just laying claim to Gina Rodriguez as a manager means the future looks very bright for her. It all goes to prove that almost anyone with a bit of personality and a TikTok platform might hit it big.

Other big developments for Tessica Brown

The New York Post reported that other good things go the way of Tessica. She also teamed up with “BMB talent agency.” They work with”branding, social media marketing and endorsements.” Over on her Instagram, Tessica proudly states in her profile, “Mgmt: [email protected]” and “Promo: [email protected].” You might recall that a gofundme for Tessica raised a substantial amount of cash. On February 13, she posted up about donating $20k for Reconstructive Surgery Org.

Gorilla Glue Girl captioned her post: “With the remainder of the money I will be blessing three local families thanks for all the support love you guys so much thank you.” Her many fans responded. In fact, Tessica’s following nears 800k followers. Lots of nice comments went her way. One person wrote, “And y’all were judging her! This is how the world should be❤️ we recieve and we give, happy Valentine’s everyone😘❤️,(sic).”

Gorilla Girl Lands Manager Gina Rodriguez
Credit: Tessica Brown | Instagram

What do you think about Gorilla Glue Girl landing Gina Rodriguez as her manager? Do you hope that one day we see her starring in a reality TV show? Sound off in the comments below.

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