‘Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown Opens Up On Reasons For Staying With Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown opens up on staying with Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans know only too well the problems experienced by Meri Brown and her husband Kody Brown. Despite the issues, Meri stays with Kody and the other three sister wives. The mother-of-one recently opened up to explain to her fans her reasoning for staying with Kody and his other wives all these years.

Sister Wives: Meri and Kody not giving up on each other

Meri and Kody have been through some pretty “dark times” in their relationship. During a recent episode of the popular TLC reality show, Meri, 50, told their family therapist that her relationship with Kody was “Gone. It’s dead. It’s over.” This led to fans wondering why the couple is still together.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown says marriage to Meri is in a dark place
Sister Wives: Kody Brown says marriage to Meri is in a dark place [Image @sisterwivestlc/Instagram]
Fans will remember that Kody moved all his wives to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they all live in their own separate homes. Is this working out for the extended, plural family or not?

Meri didn’t mean their marriage was over

Meri was recently interviewed by Us Weekly, where she shared her true reasoning for her statements. Fans should remember that things aren’t always what they seem on a TV reality show. When Meri said her relationship with Kody was dead, she didn’t mean the marriage was over.

Meri brought up the issue with her being catfished, which she says needs to be put behind them. As fans will likely remember, Meri fell in love with her catfish. However, it turned out to be a woman and the incident almost tore the entire Brown family apart.


Speaking of her tantrum with the therapist, Meri explained that this is being taken out of context. What she truly wanted to do was find a “new normal” among her family with Kody. While their relationship has been a roller coaster ride, things have been worst of late. However, Meri and Kody’s relationship is based on a commitment they made in 1990 when they were wed. However, the problem now is learning how to go forward in a healthy and peaceful way.

Can Meri and Kody make it on Sister Wives?

Meri and Kody appear to be at peace with their decision to try and work things out. However, fans reveal their doubts on social media that Meri will live out the rest of her life with Kody.

Meanwhile, Kody is being stretched thin, constantly running between his four wives, trying to keep things real. A recent episode showed him even contemplating giving up the land at Coyote Pass. However, if Meri’s best efforts can keep the couple together heading forward this would be a major plus in their relationship.

Keep up with their story on Sister Wives on TLC, Sundays at 10 pm ET.


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