Big Shock on ’90 Day: The Single Life!’ Big Ed Gets Rejected After ‘Spontaneous’ Kiss

Big Ed of 90 Day: The Single Life

It looks like Big Ed Brown hasn’t learned anything from his misadventures on 90 Day Fiance as he carries them over to 90 Day: The Single Life. In an exclusive sneak peek into the show, Big Ed can be seen leaning in for a “spontaneous” kiss. The woman in question immediately rejects the move. So, has he learned nothing at all from his time on reality TV?

Big Ed Brown and 90 Day: The Single Life

Big Ed, 55, is set to star in a new discovery+ reality spinoff, 90 Day: The Single Life. On the show, Ed will be searching for love and has already tried putting his heart on the line.

In a sneak-peek into Sunday’s episode, set to air during 90 Day Bares All, Big Ed says he is single and currently updating his dating profile. Pretty much as he does on Instagram, Big Ed is dressing in costumes for his dating profile pics. These costumes include the TLC reality star dressed as Elvis and wearing a karate outfit. He goes on to explain that he wants to make people laugh. He believes the costumes are great for breaking the ice.

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown heads to 90 Day The Single Life on discovery+
90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown heads to 90 Day The Single Life on discovery+ [Image @thisisbiged/Instagram]

Big Ed, Teddy and a younger woman

In the clip, Ed can be seen spending time with a younger woman on his couch. They are drinking wine and sharing space with his dog, Teddy. Along the way, Big Ed gets a little vulnerable. He tells the woman, “I want you to know that I care about you. You know, I do.”  Ed then adds that he doesn’t want to rush things, he just likes being with her.

The woman thanks him for dinner and gets up to leave. She says, “I appreciate it,” and she thanks him for having her over. However, Big Ed’s promise not to rush things is rapidly forgotten. As she goes in for a goodbye hug, he leans in for a spontaneous kiss on her lips. The woman rejects this, turning her head away.

The woman tells Big Ed that he can’t do that and he asks, “Why not? I kissed your nose.” She explains that she didn’t know he was going in for that. Big Ed responds that he didn’t either, “It was spontaneous.” The woman tells him, “No, not yet,” and gives him a second hug before walking to her car. Feeling awkward, Ed then tells her, “That was weird. Be careful, drive safe.”


Big Ed felt like an idiot

Speaking with 90 Day Bares All host, Shaun Robinson, Big Ed recalled the moment. While cringing, he tells Shaun that he “felt like an idiot.”

This is basically a brief introduction to what fans can expect on 90 Day: The Single Life. On the show, the six singles will head out on a journey to find love again. However, this time, they will have the help of dating coaches, events, apps, friends and family.

Fans will remember Big Ed’s relationship with his former girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega in the Philippines. That relationship fails horribly on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Now we will see him back home in San Diego where he has enlisted help to improve his dating game.

Readers can see the full clip on People’s website and can catch 90 Day Bares All on Sundays on discovery+. You’ll have to wait a little longer for 90 Day: The Single Life, which drops on discovery+ on February 21.

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