Danielle Busby Wishes Her ‘Only Little Boy’ A Happy Birthday

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Danielle Busby took to Instagram to wish her “one and only little boy” a happy birthday. His second birthday to be more specific. Now, if you follow Danielle Busby on OutDaughtered… We know what you might be thinking: Ummmm… What?

Those who follow the show know Danielle and Adam Busby share six beautiful girls together. They, however, have never had a boy together. Likewise, Danielle can’t have children anymore. That being said, they have discussed adopting to get a son to complete their family. But, that was just talk at this point.

Technically, Danielle Busby has two little boys.

Now, if you follow Adam and Danielle Busby on Instagram you would know the info above is not completely accurate. Technically, they have two little boys. Their first little boy is Graeson Bee Boutique. Likewise, Danielle confused fans a few months ago when she took to Instagram to wish her “little boy” a happy first birthday. Graeson is the name Danielle and Adam would have used if they had ever had a son. So, they thought it was the perfect name for their clothing boutique.

Now, their second little boy is named Beaux Busby. Yes, Beaux is technically their dog. But, he’s very much considered a member of this family. And, Danielle Busby loves him like he’s her own child. Furthermore, some fans think Danielle and Adam just get a kick out of confusing people by referring to their boutique and dog as their “little boy.” As the confusion stirs, some fans start to wonder if they missed the birth of a baby. Or, if Danielle could be expecting a baby right now.

It’s been two years since they brought home their little boy, Beaux

Can you believe it has been 10 years since they brought home their sweet little boy, Beaux Busby? As we’ve previously reported, this pup is so much a member of the family that he has his own Instagram account. Unfortunately, it has been a pretty significant amount of time since they uploaded any photos to this account. But, Danielle and Adam frequently share photos of their adorable little guy on their own Instagrams.

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Danelle Busby took to Instagram decked out in winter gear. She had her “one and only little boy” in her arms as she wished him a happy birthday. You can tell there is a lot of love for mama Busby as the pup was more interested in her compared to the camera.

Unsurprisingly, fans were here for the sweet photo. They loved seeing a happy Danielle Busby. And, the dog being in the photo just added to the cuteness factor. Likewise, many seized the opportunity to wish Beaux Busby a happy birthday. Furthermore, they appreciated Danielle giving them this window into her life.

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Are you surprised it has been two years since they brought Beaux Busby home? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I wish Danielle would stop putting so much on her plate, then complains that her hubby doesn’t do enough! No wonder she has terrible headaches and not feel well!

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