‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Understand Why Beaux Busby Enjoys Taking The Girls To School

Beaux Busby Instagram

Adam Busby shared a sweet selfie of himself and his family dog Beaux on Instagram this morning. In just an hour, the photo has accumulated over 12,000 likes and nearly 100 comments. Adam Busby revealed Beaux was busy enjoying his favorite time of the day… Seeing the girls off to school. And, OutDaughtered fans think they understand why Beaux enjoys that part of his day so much.

Adam Busby glows in sweet selfie with Beaux.

As we just reported yesterday, OutDaughtered fans really love seeing photos that feature Adam Busby. Because he’s the family photographer he often finds himself behind the camera. So, fans love when they get to take a look at his smiling face. And, fans even got more than they bargained for recently when a surprisingly sexy snap hit the Graeson Bee Boutique’s Instagram recently.

The photo featured a sleepy looking Adam Busby with a smile on his face. He rocked a backward baseball cap and a light colored shirt. An equally sleepy looking Beaux Busby was planted in daddy’s lap with his head sticking out the window. It was clearly early morning when the photo was snapped because of the vibrant sunshine.

Fans can only assume Adam and Beaux Busby were on their way home to enjoy a kid-free nap based on how exhausted they looked in the photo.

OutDaughtered fans think they understand how the dog feels.

“My everyday stowaway. It’s @beauxbuzz favorite time of the morning; when he brings his girls to school. #itsabuzzworld,” Adam Busby penned in his most recent Instagram post. The caption certainly made it sound like Beaux Busby coming along for the morning ride to drop the girls off at school was a regular thing. And, fans think they understand why.


The Busby household is a very busy house with a lot of little kids running around. Being the family pet to a house with so many kids ready to play has to be exhausting on the little guy. Fans can only assume that Beaux Busby appreciates the few hours of kid-free silence just the same as Adam and Danielle. In fact, here’s what some fans had to say about the photo.

  • “Hi Adam Good morning, your dog is beautiful. I also have one.”
  • “Now that’s a content dog.”
  • “So cute, he’s actually a lot bigger than I thought.”
  • “Beaux looks real happy riding in your lap. Does he miss the girls when they are at school??”
  • “Now he can rest!”

So, do you think Beaux Busby enjoys when the house is kid-free for a few hours? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!


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