10 Beautiful Photos Of Adam & Danielle Busby’s Sweet Little Boy

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Now, everyone who followers Adam and Danielle Busby from the TLC series OutDaughtered knows that the couple doesn’t actually a sweet little boy. But, they do have a few different things in their life they often referr to as their son or little boy.

For starters, there is their clothing boutique called Graeson Bee. Danielle and Adam enjoy the play on words of confusing fans by referring to the boutique as their “little boy.” And, it isn’t that much of a stretch because Graeson is what they wanted to name a son if they ever had one.

The other sweet little boy in their life is none other than Beaux Busby. Sure, he has four legs and he’s covered in fur. But, he’s about as close as you can get to a son without actually having one. Moreover, OutDaughtered fans seem to appreciate and enjoy Beaux Busby as much as the rest of the reality TV family.

10 Sweet Photos Of Adam & Danielle’s Little Boy, Beaux Busby

Many fans even remember the day Adam Busby brought this pup home. Fans cherish these memories. And, because Adam Busby considers himself to be a professional, self-taught photographer, we get to enjoy a lot of fun photos of the family. And, that includes photos of Beaux. In fact, here are what we think are the top ten photos of this sweet little boy.

10. Sleepy daddy Busby and little boy

This photo is super recent. But, it is what has really got fans talking about Beaux Busby right now. The photo features a very sleepy looking Adam Busby and Beaux. The pup is curled up in daddy’s lap with his head sticking out the window as they take the girls to school before driving back home. Finally getting to enjoy some kid-free, peaceful time.


9. Sleepy Christmas Pup

A quick scroll through the photos on the account dedicated to the family dog reveals Adam takes a lot of photos of the little guy while he’s sleeping! Or, perhaps, their little boy just gets so worn out by his sisters he sleeps a lot! Either way, this photo is from a past Christmas. And, it is absolutely adorable with the blurred stockings in the background.


8. Photography guinea pig

Their little boy is often used as a photography guinea pig by daddy Busby. And, who can really blame Adam Busby for using Beaux? He’s adorable! This photo features the curious little guy looking off into the distance while sitting in the grass. Adam really did a great job with this photo! So, this photo being popular is also no surprise!


7. Parker and Beaux

Now, the only thing cuter than a picture of a dog is a picture of a dog with a quint!


6. Sweet little boy’s first trip to the beach

This photo ended up being a controversial photo among fans. Many thought it was dangerous and thoughtless to bring their pup to the beach with them. They didn’t think it was a very safe decision for the family to make. Why? Well, they insisted the pup could not swim.


5. The easy life of Beaux Busby

Now, what could be cuter than a sleepy pup? Not much!


4. Mama Danielle Busby & her sweet little boy

OutDaughtered fans adored this snap as it features mama Busby and her sweet little boy. Fans can tell how much he loves Danielle by the way he looks at her.


3. Blayke and Beaux

This photo features Adam and Danielle Busby’s sweet little boy and his older sister Blayke. The photo was posted on Instagram to promote the newest season of the TLC series. Fans love getting solo pics of Blayke without her sisters. So, this photo being popular is no surprise!


2. Adam & Danielle Busby’s sweet little boy learns to swim

Scrolling through the Instagram dedicated to this sweet little boy of Adam and Danielle Busby, this photo quickly catches the eye. According to the caption, this was the day Beaux Busby realized he could swim. The pup swimming around in the rippling clear blue water makes for an absolutely gorgeous photo!


1. Meeting his sisters, first truck ride

Adam and Danielle’s little boy was just a pup in this snap! This was one of the very first photos Adam snapped of Beaux Busby. According to the caption, Adam admits this was the pups first truck ride. And, fans instantly fell in love with the little guy. Adam affectionately referred to the girls as the pup’s new sisters. And, he couldn’t wait to see how they reacted to the newest member of their family.


Now, there is a lot of love within the OutDaughtered family. While their sweet little boy might not be a conventional son, Adam and Danielle Busby love him just as much as their girls. And, the girls seem to love having a brother to play with. And, who knows? Maybe one day Adam and Danielle will add a human male to their family!

So, which one of these photos if your favorite? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

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