‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Spoiler: Latest Episode To Drop Major Clue About The Burn

Michael Burnham discovers the source of The Burn on Star Trek: Discovery

Recent episodes of Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery have revealed a universe devastated by an event called the Burn. Spoilers are that Michael Burn (Sonequa Martin-Green) will uncover a major clue about The Burn on the latest episode of the CBS All Access sci-fi show. This could indicate the point of origin of the devastating event which could mean it was not natural in origin.

Star Trek: Discovery and the Burn

Michael Burnham arrived in the 32rd century at the start of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. She soon learned of a mysterious event known as the Burn. The event took place some hundred years before when all dilithium-powered spaceships in the universe exploded simultaneously. This caused multiple thousands of deaths throughout and led to the Federation mostly falling. The Burn caused the universe to become a dystopian place where everyone scavenged and fought to stay alive.

In the latest episode of the series, Michael discovers some crucial clues relating to the Burn. It turns out she may finally have the means to solve this catastrophic mystery.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3
Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 [Image Nación Trek/YouTube]

Burnham searches for clues about the Burn

In the initial year or so that she spent without her crew, Burnham did her best to find as much information as she could on the Burn. She went searching for hints or clues to help her uncover the source of the massive explosion. One method Michael is using is to collect black boxes from destroyed Starfleet spaceships. Much like the black boxes of current airplanes, these could reveal vital clues. They aren’t easy to find, however, but she does uncover two in one year.

Doug Jones as Saru on Star Trek: Discovery
Doug Jones as Saru on Star Trek: Discovery [Image @startreknetflix/Instagram]
Initially, the data she has uncovered in the black boxes has led to her making an important theory. It was initially believed that all the spaceships were destroyed at the exact same time during the Burn. However, in the next episode “Scavengers,” Michael tells Saru (Doug Jones) there is a time discrepancy between the recorded explosions of the two black boxes she has recovered so far. This could indicate that the event was a chain reaction, meaning there was an actual point of origin.

A third black box leads to a clue

Burnham isn’t yet certain this is what happened. However, when her friend Booker secures another black box, this will allow her to triangulate the point of origin. Should she be able to uncover this location, possibly a visit could reveal what originally caused the Burn.

Originally, the event was thought to be a strange, but natural occurrence. However, Burnham’s theory is, if there is an actual point of origin, this points to someone being behind the Burn. Who would want to cause such an awful catastrophe and why?

As noted by CBR.com, Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery streams on CBS All Access on Thursdays.

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