‘Married At First Sight’s’ Bennett Opens Up About Moment He Told Amelia Fatsi ‘I Love You’

Bennett and Amelia from Married at First Sight

Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi are fan favorites on Married at First Sight. The undeniably cute couple appears to be perfect for each other. In fact, it looks like the experts have got this relationship right! Recently, it was revealed to MAFS fans that Bennett had told Amelia that he loves her. He has now opened up as to exactly why that is the case.

Married at First Sight’s Bennett and Amelia in love

Bennett Kirschner, 28, is an artistic director from Montvale, NJ, while Amelia Fatsi, 27, is a medical resident from Richmond, VA. The Married at First Sight experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin and Dr. Viviana Coles matched up the pair for the Lifetime Channel show. All along, this cute couple has seemed perfect for each other. Moreover, recently Bennett said the famous three words, “I love you” to his new bride. Even better, Amelia later said these same words back to Bennett.


On last Wednesday’s episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Bennett watched the clip where he gushed about professing his love to Amelia off-camera, while on a hike in the woods. When back on-camera, Amelia returned the gesture saying she loved Bennett too.

Bennett opens up about those three magic words

On the episode of Unfiltered, host Jamie Otis asked Kirschner if he had actually planned to tell Amelia he loves her during the hike. Bennett went on to open about that magic moment. He said it felt like an appropriate time. Bennett explained how they were having a great time together on the hike. This felt like the perfect time to profess his love for Amelia.

Because the moment was off-camera, Bennett went on to explain how it happened for Married at First Sight fans. He explained that they were reminiscing about their relationship. Kirschner said he told Amelia they had reached the place where he can honestly tell her he “truly and deeply” cares for her. Bennett then told Amelia he loved her and they kissed. He added that it was a “very sweet, romantic moment.”

Infatuation or love?

Critics of Married at First Sight might think Bennett is merely infatuated with his new wife. Jamie asked him, “Bennett, do you really feel like you’re in love with Amelia?” He answered with a definitive, “Yes.” Otis asked Bennett what he loves about her. The new husband’s theatrical experience came out at this point. Kirschner’s joking response was, “Whoa, that’s a big question! Let me name the ways I love thee!”

However, at this point, Bennett did get more serious. He said, yes, they’ve only known each other for a month. However, he feels he is “gravitating towards her with that energy.” Bennett said he loves so many things about Amelia. He said she is funny, an attentive listener and is easy to be around. Kirschner said Amelia makes him feel very comfortable in his skin, while normally, he is vulnerable.

Bennett continued saying there are so many wonderful things about Amelia, he could go on for several minutes talking about it. As for Jamie, she said this was the “the sweetest thing” she had ever heard on Unfiltered.

‘Decision Day’ has been postponed

In last week’s episode of Married at First Sight, Bennett and Amelia were revealed to be growing deeper in love. This closeness comes during the coronavirus quarantine.  The lockdown in New Orleans has led to “Decision Day” being postponed.

However, it is now ten weeks into their marriage and Amelia and Bennett both say their relationship is getting stronger. As noted by Reality TV World, the new husband has agreed to split his time between New Orleans, their home, and Richmond, VA, where Amelia is doing her medical residency.

Keep up with Bennett and Amelia on Married at First Sight on Wednesdays on the Lifetime channel.

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