‘Married At First Sight’s’ Bennett Opens Up About Musician Friends From Romantic Dinner

Amelia and Bennett from Married at First Sight

Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi are fan favorites on Season 11 of Married at First Sight. With their quirky, fun characters, they seem like a match made in Heaven. Now, Bennett opens up about his musical friends who played backing to his and Amelia’s romantic dinner.

Bennett and Amelia’s romance

Since fans first met them, Bennett and Amelia have seemed the ideal couple. Unlike most newlyweds on Married at First Sight, they never seem to have any big arguments or disagreements. Bennett, 28, is a theater director and pedicab driver, while Amelia, 27, is about to start her medical residency.

The subject of Amelia’s residency is a potential roadblock in their relationship. However, they haven’t yet let the possibility of a long-distance relationship stop them. In fact, they are so sweet, as they keep planning sweet surprises for each other. When Bennett was sick, Amelia cared for him. She then planned a fun picnic in the park, complete with a piñata, delicious cake, and slackline lessons.


Married at First Sight: Romantic dinner

On the September 16 episode of Married at First Sight, it is time for Bennett to reciprocate with a deliciously romantic dinner. As Amelia arrives home, she discovers a candlelit dinner, just waiting for her. In the background,  two folk singers add a perfect backing to the meal.

Bennett had recruited two of his musician friends, Joanna Tomassoni and Rachel Wolf. He wanted them as a perfect backing to his romantic dinner with Amelia. Speaking to Screen Rant, Bennett spoke about his friends, Joanna and Rachel, who perform with the stage name Day Old Braid. Joanna plays the guitar. And, Rachel is skilled with an accordion. The pair also performs with a larger band, The Tumbling Wheels.

Bennett said they are “all part of the same tight-knit, creative community in New Orleans.” He said they have been friends for around five years or more. At some stage along the line, they have all worked together as pedicabbers.

The New Orleans local described Joanna and Rachel as singing a combination of “country, soul and American folk music.” He says they have been performing together since 2015. Bennett said the duo writes songs that are “at times silly, and at times sincere.” However, he says they always have a focus on “memorable melodies and lush vocal harmonies.”


Bennett performs in New Orleans shows

Besides his other talents, Bennett has his own musical career. He also performs alongside The Tumbling Wheels in New Orleans. Bennett explained that his band, TV Pole Shine, has on occasion played a bunch of concerts around town with them. He said they often perform a cover of “Eloise”, one of the band’s original songs.

Joanna and Rachel contradict their funky costumes with a rather sad song about death. However, Bennett explained that the duo’s elaborate costumes are reserved for special occasions. It just turned out that appearing on their segment of Married at First Sight was one of those special moments.

Catch Joanna and Rachel performing with The Tumbling Wheels in the YouTube video below.

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