‘Married At First Sight:’ Amelia And Bennett Designate Household Chores

Amelia and Bennett from Married at First Sight

On Married at First Sight, Amelia thinks that as the breadwinner, she might be able to avoid household chores. Sorry, Amelia, that ain’t happening, as this week she and Bennett try to reach a balance with the household chores. All this while getting ready to start her medical residency.

Amelia and Bennett and the household chores

Most of the time, Amelia and Bennett seem like the perfect, cute, fun, quirky couple on the Lifetime Channel show. However, they do occasionally have their disagreements. While Amelia is getting ready to start her medical residency, the duo discusses how they should handle the household chores.

Amelia and Bennett from Married at First Sight
Amelia and Bennett from Married at First Sight [Image @mafslifetime/Instagram]
This week on Married at First Sight sees Amelia and Bennett sitting together in the living room. They are working out a shared “chore draft.” All the various chores have been written on pieces of paper. The pair then pick and choose their chores. With Amelia about to become the breadwinner by starting her medical residency, they need to keep their household going.

Amelia says, “I’m going to answer the door in the middle of the night…and glass recycling.” Bennett is duly impressed, saying, “Whoa, glass recycling. Damn. OK, I’ll take garbage duty.” This leads to Amelia tending the compost and Bennett agreeing to clean the bathrooms. Amelia comes up with a quirky chore, as she said, “I’m going to entertain the neighbors.” Bennett playfully responds, saying “I believe it’s ‘smile and dance for neighbors.'” Amelia stands up for her rights, saying “I will entertain them however I choose.”

When should the chores be done?

Bennett suggests they choose a “designated chore day.” However, free-wheeling Amelia tells him, “Just do them. Like, when it’s a mess.” While the MAFS couple seems to agree on their designated household chores, Amelia is concerned. She knows that as she starts her residency, the bulk of the chores will likely fall to her arty, pedicab driver husband.

In her confessional, Amelia addresses the cameras, She says, “I can’t really imagine that we do this chore draft for the rest of our lives.” As she starts her residency, she knows she is not going to have time to do her share. Amelia said she did think that with her being the “working money-maker,” those chores would be more Bennett’s responsibility.


Married at First Sight matchmakers saw this coming

Pop Culture notes that during the July matchmaking special, Dr. Pepper Schwartz said of Amelia that she is a woman everyone likes. She says she is a doll and “talented in so many ways and quirky in so many ways.” Schwartz noted that Amelia could only be with an extremely flexible partner, one who could take the traditionally female role. Pepper noted that Bennett is a “guy who can do all of that.” Fans will have to wait and see if this is, in fact, the case.

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