‘Married At First Sight’ Star Bennett Opens Up About How He Felt When He Realized He Knew Amelia

Bennett and Amelia of Married at First Sight

History is in the making on Season 11 of the Lifetime Channel series Married at First Sight.  This is because Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi turn out to have met each other before. While it was supposed to be a meeting of strangers at the altar, this was something different. We also find out about their first morning together as newlyweds.

How did the Married at First Sight stars first meet?

Bennett Kirschner opens up exclusively to Screen Rant to share what he feels when he spots his new bride. According to Bennett, a mutual friend had introduced them and he had felt an instant attraction at the time.

Bennett believes he is about to wed a perfect stranger and spoke about the moments after spotting Amelia. He says he isn’t going to lie, but when he realizes he already knows her, the bottom fell out of his stomach. Bennett says, until that moment, he was gearing up to marry a stranger. However, literally “in the blink of an eye,” the singer’s expectations are “shattered into a million pieces.”


From that moment, everything comes flooding back to him. He remembers their first meeting and that he was “completely charmed by her.” From then on, it was reassuring to him. According to Bennett, having been attracted to her when they “met outside of this bizarre context” gives him confidence. He went on to exclaim that the experts were “really onto something” when pairing him with Amelia.

According to experts and fans, this means the fan-favorite couple might have an excellent chance at a lasting marriage.


Bennett and Amelia in What Happened Last Night?

In the latest episode of Married at First Sight, the newlyweds spend the first day of their married life together. As noted by TV Insider, this involves meeting their other half’s parents, family and friends. They are about to get to know more about their new partners.

Bennett and Amelia had been silly and blissful the night before while revealing sleepwear consisting of a dress-length shirt. In the morning, the newlyweds chat and enjoy their room service breakfast. Besides their attraction to each other, it turns out Bennett and Amelia have an almost identical vision as they trade their glasses with each other. When asked about his sleepwear, the new husband says it is all about comfort.

A meeting between Bennett and Amelia’s mother and brother goes well. They tell the pair they think the match is like two puzzle pieces fitting together. The only possible glitch is that Amelia lives outside New Orleans. However, Bennett owns up that under the right circumstances, he will be happy to make the move. It was pretty clear he isn’t quite ready for that commitment at this stage. These things take time.


Married at First Sight’s Bennett and his views on children

For Amelia’s part, when she meets Bennett’s parents and his sister, they are very welcoming. However, the conversation does take a strange turn. This is after his sister brings up Bennett’s views on children. She says it is unethical to Bennett to have biological children and he prefers adoption. However, when Amelia asks Bennett about this, he admits he does feel strongly about adoption. Despite this, he isn’t opposed to having biological children.

Keep up with Bennett and Amelia on Married at First Sight on Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on The Lifetime Channel.

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