‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Shares Cryptic Quotes On Instagram Story

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has undoubtedly been reflecting on herself a lot lately. Her self-reflection is obvious just by taking a look at her Instagram. on Tuesday, July 7, she shared what fans are taking as a discreet message about finding herself.

Sister Wives star is finding inspiration within herself

According to InTouch Weekly, her July 7 Instagram story featured a little girl standing in the rain along with the quote, “Remember her? She is still there … inside you … waiting let’s go get her.”

Even on today’s Instagram story Meri shared another cryptic message. The Sister Wives star’s story featured a quote from Maya Angelou saying, “My mission in life is not merely to survive. But to thrive: & to do so with some passion. Some compassion, some humor & some style.”

Back in May, she shared the following selfie with a long caption about her goals. Part of the caption read, “That’s me. A dreamer. Focused on my goals. And I have a lot of them. Personal, business, relationships, I have them in all areas of my life. Some days I don’t hit my daily goals. Some days I’m so productive I exceed them by leaps and bounds. And it’s all up to ME.”


In addition to her all of her posts filled with self-love and reflection, Meri’s bed and breakfast just officially reopened yesterday. So it looks like Meri has been busy achieving her goals mentally and physically!

It’s very clear that Meri has been investing her time and efforts into empowering herself lately. This level of self-focus can definitely be a struggle when you’re a part of a family made up of one husband, four wives, and 18 children. Good job, Meri!

Fans often pressure Meri to go leave

Along with Meri’s newfound independence has come pressure from her fans to leave Kody.

One fan commented on her post from May 16 saying, ” I always like you. I think you’re a very smart woman beautiful and I know you can do it on your own without Kodi be a part of the family but have your own life Cody just face getting all the attention be happy find a good man you don’t even have to look for men. A men will come to you.”

Another fan commented on her post from June 20 saying, “I was sure you left, but tlc money to good.”

Despite what people have said online the Sister Wives stars made it clear back on the April 5 episode that they will not be breaking up. Meri explained that she doesn’t want to leave because that would mean losing her relationships with the kids and other positive relationships she does have within the family.

What do you think of Meri’s self-reflection? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to watch new episodes of Sister Wives when it returns to TLC for Season 15.

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