‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Drags Photo Of Hazel Busby, Too Much?!

Danielle Busby, Instagram, OutDaughtered

One OutDaughtered fan is getting a little tired of seeing repeat pictures of Hazel Busby being shared on Instagram. But, the question is was their comment a dig at Hazel or a dig at the Busby family’s social media skills?

What has Hazel been up to?

Before we get into the details of the Hazel-harasser, what exactly has she been up to lately?

It seems Hazel Busby has been having fun being adventurous with her family. This past Saturday, Danielle posted to her Instagram stories showing Hazel and her sisters hanging out by the pool. While the girls chilled next to the pool, Adam was hard at work in the garden.

It seems Hazel later wandered off to help her dad in the garden when she rounded up a special surprise to show her mom.

Hazel Busby returned with a plant pot and Danielle took a peek to see what was inside.

Surprise! Hazel had some big fat earthworms to show her mom. Danielle shrieked, “Eew Hazel!” However, Hazel seemed pleased with herself and simply told her mom she was “keeping them inside!”

Danielle went on to say she thought Hazel was keeping them in the pot to prevent the worms from entering their house. Too cute!

The Instagram comment

The OutDaughtered fan’s comment that is starting the drama was actually not on Adam or Danielle Busby’s personal Instagram accounts. The comment was actually on their family’s boutique account, Graeson Bee.
The post was from 2 days ago featuring Hazel Busby spinning in a red dress.
The caption said, “Big twirls into a new week!! Start the week off with a grateful heart! 💖 Comment below something you are grateful for today! #graesonbee #graesonbeeboutique #mondaymotivation #gratitude.”
Finally, the adorable photo of the beloved Busby redhead can be seen below.
Hazel Busby, Instagram, OutDaughtered
Hazel Busby, Instagram, OutDaughtered

So, what exactly did the fan comment on this photo? And was it a jab at Hazel or more of a jab at the family’s lackluster social media posts?

It seems the slam was directed more at whoever is responsible for posting images to the boutique account. The fan commented, “you better stop posting the same pictures 🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️..”

But true OutDaughtered fans don’t mind seeing photos of Hazel Busby more than once! One fan replied back simply saying “BYE” in all caps.

What do you think of that fan’s comment on the photo of Hazel? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to catch episodes of OutDaughtered on TLC.

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