OH NO! Waldrop Kids Piled Up – Ran Out Of Beds?

Courtney Waldrop, Instagram

The Waldrops are getting plenty of vacation time this summer! However, taking a vacation with nine kids can be quite a challenge. How do they find enough space for everyone? Well, the answer is they don’t!

Will the Waldrops be back for another season?

It seems fans cannot get enough of the Waldrop family. Whether it’s keeping up with their baseball adventures, their trips to the beach, or the show…fans always want more.

So will the Waldrops be back for a Season 4? It seems like Courtney has hinted that the answer is yes!

To be clear, TLC has not given fans any information regarding if they will renew Sweet Home Sextuplets for another season.

Fortunately, just because the network hasn’t provided an update doesn’t mean there hasn’t been one. After getting bombarded with excited fans wanting to know more about the future of the show, Courtney Waldrop teased a small update in hopes of satisfying fans’ curiosity.

Vacationing with a family of 11

Well, since Courtney implied the family would be receiving more TV time fans can keep unapologetically indulging in Waldrop family cuteness.

The Waldrop kids may be TV stars, for now, but they still appear to be normal kids at heart.

Most recently, the Waldrop family has been on vacation. Courtney posted to Instagram showing how hard it can be to find accommodations for 9 children.

She posted, “When you’re on vacation and there’s not enough beds for everyone🤣  This looks like a whole lot of kids piled up together but it’s really only 5 out of the nine😝.”

It’s great to see that while the family may enjoying filming and sharing their lives with the world, their children still get to experience memorable family vacation moments, such as the kid pile pictured below.

Courtney Waldrop, Instagram, Sweet Home Sextuplets
Courtney Waldrop, Instagram, Sweet Home Sextuplets

Fans adored seeing this precious childhood moment. One fan wrote, “Favorite picture ever!!!” while another added “Priceless” with several red heart emojis.

The positive comments were endless with nothing but support and love for the Waldrop’s. Another fan went on to write, “These are the best years!”

Finally, a few fans commented their thoughts about just how funny the children’s sleeping positions were. One fan wrote, “Oh that poor baby with a diaper in the face!”

It seems the Waldrop’s are truly enjoying the family time summer has to offer them.

What do you think of all the Waldrop kids sharing a bed? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to keep up with Sweet Home Sextuplets on TLC.

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