Waldrop Fans Raise Huge Safety Concerns Over Courtney’s Latest Post

Courtney Waldrop, Instagram, Sweet Home Sextuplets

The Waldrop family pool is open for the first time since the sextuplets were just 6 months old! However, the Sweet Home Sextuplets stars are now three years old, so where has the pool been?

What have the Waldrops been up to?

The Waldrop family has been busy this summer with a packed schedule of vacation and baseball.

Most recently, the Waldrop family was on vacation. Courtney posted to Instagram showing how hard it can be to find accommodations for 9 children with a photo of 5 kids piled up in one bed.

Fans adored seeing this sweet childhood moment. One fan wrote, “Favorite picture ever!!!” while another added “Priceless” with several red heart emojis.

The positive comments were endless with nothing but support and love for the Waldrop’s. But Courtney’s most recent post actually has fans a little worried about the kiddos.

The family pool is finally back, but some fans are worried.

Courtney shared a family update to Instagram and Facebook explaining that the family pool opened up 4th of July weekend for the first time since the sextuplets were just 6 months old.

She went on to explain why the family had kept the pool closed in recent years. She wrote, “We didn’t even open it last year from just being fearful of 6 two year olds running everywhere but now that their 3….well I’m still just as nervous!!🙈 But we knew we had to open it at some point and as a family work together and have very strict rules. I cannot brag enough on how cautious, aware, and attentive the big boys are in helping us out to make sure the Sextuplets stay safe and I have to brag on the sextuplets as well and say how good they are all listening and doing exactly what we tell them (better than I ever imagined🙏).”

Courtney Waldrop, Instagram, Sweet Home Sextuplets
Courtney Waldrop, Instagram, Sweet Home Sextuplets
Courtney wrapped up the post by saying, “It’s scary enough when you have one little one that cannot swim but having 6 little ones takes it to a whole other level!!.”
Many fans were excited to see the family having fun once again in their pool, but about half the comments were actually filled with concern for the family.

What are the fans worried about?

Now, while the fans love seeing the family making summer memories together, they are worried about the sextuplets ability to swim.

Many fans are afraid for the six 3-year-olds and want to know if AND when they will get swimming lessons.

One fan commented on Facebook, “Get an instructor to train them to be WATER SAFE…Look for the man, on Instagram, that is training Bode Miller’s babies, after Bode and his wife lost their precious daughter, Emme, 3 years ago in a horrible drowning accident….Get the lessons NOW!!!”

Another one simply wrote, “Swimming Lessons X 6 !! 🥰” on Instagram.

What do you think of the Waldrop family opening their pool for the first time in over a year? Are you worried about when the sextuplets will learn to swim? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to watch Sweet Home Sextuplets on TLC.

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