Cameran Eubanks Reveals Why She Is Leaving ‘Southern Charm,’ Shuts Down Cheating Rumors

Cameran Eubanks of Southern Charm

Since it was announced that Cameran Eubanks is leaving Southern Charm, she has been shutting down rumors of a cheating scandal. Fans believe this is why she’s leaving the show, but she reveals the real reason for her departure.

Cameran Eubanks addresses leaving Southern Charm

Cameran Eubanks, 36, is upset. She hit Instagram on Wednesday, May 13. In her post, she writes she was going to make a statement on Thursday about why she was leaving Southern Charm. However, she finds out “insidious rumors” are making their rounds and fake articles are being written about her marriage.

Cameran admits she finds it “upsetting” that rumors say her husband, Jason Wimberly, has a mistress. She does note, however, that these rumors don’t shock her. The South Carolina native says this is what reality television is about these days. This is the main reason she kept her marriage off the air.

The Bravo reality star continues, saying you must “protect what is sacred to you.” She says some things aren’t worth a big paycheck. However, she continues by saying what upsets her the most. She says her husband is “the most sincere and faithful human” she knows and people are falsely dragging him into this. That truly disgusts her.

Bravo star Cameran Eubanks defends her husband

Cameran married Jason in 2014. All along, she defends her husband and his choice to stay off the reality show. Eubanks says Jason always supports her filming the show, despite the fact he doesn‘t want to be part of it. She says she can’t get all that upset, however, because this is what you sign up for when joining reality TV.

On the other hand, Cameran says this is why she is getting out of it now. Eubanks says reality TV depends on drama, which sadly leads to false rumors. She says, “Make of that what you will and consider the source.”

While the “ridiculous and fake rumors” about her marriage are doing the rounds now, Cameran says she chose to leave Southern Charm months ago. The rumors have nothing to do with her decision. She asks fans to please disregard any fake rumors, as they are just a ploy to increase ratings, nothing more. Eubanks does realize her gut reaction to “leave the party early” was right.

Southern Charm alum thanks her fans

Cameran went on to thank her real fans and everyone involved in the reality show.  She calls them the “genuine and kind fans, cast and crew” she has worked with over the years. Eubank says it has been a pleasure to know them.

As noted by Us Weekly, the rumors surfaced shortly before Cameran made her statement. Stories had started doing the rounds that her husband was allegedly having an affair. The rumors continue by saying the affair would come out in the upcoming season of Southern Charm. This definitely gives a hint of falsely pushing ratings! It turns out Eubanks had told a fan on Instagram the day before that she wouldn’t return for Season 7.

As Cameran has been with Southern Charm since is premiered on Bravo in 2014, she will truly be missed by her fans.

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