‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Kristian Believes Quarantine Brings Her Closer To Taylor

Bachelor in Paradise alum Kristian Haggerty and Taylor Blake

Things are sounding very good for Bachelor in Paradise alum, Kristian Haggerty. She considers girlfriend Taylor Blake to be the perfect person to be in quarantine with during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is after her breakup from fellow BiP star, Demi Burnett.

Bachelor in Paradise alum Kristian Haggerty closer to Taylor Blake

In an interview with Us Weekly on May 7, Haggerty, 27, says being quarantined while living with Taylor has definitely brought them closer together. She goes on to say they have learned much more about each other during this time. They are learning how to “better love one another.”

According to the Bachelor in Paradise alum, she believes wherever they end up after the quarantine, as long as they are together, they will be happy. This is wonderful news!

BiP contestants are the first same-sex couple on the ABC dating show

Back in February, the former reality TV star announced her relationship with Taylor, 27. This was just three months after Kristian, 25, broke off her engagement to Demi Burnett. While their relationship was over in October 2019, both parties said they would “forever be proud of the impact” they had made on Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bachelor in Paradise stars wrote on Instagram at the time to remind others they are not alone. They said they “don’t need to be ashamed of who they are.”


Bachelor in Paradise star finds comfort with Taylor

Following her breakup from Burnett, Kristian says she found comfort through her connection with Taylor. She says they grew up together in South Florida. Now, in quarantine together, they are exploring their relationship. Both Kristian and Taylor are learning more about each other each day. They say they are now ready to “handle whatever the world throws” at them.

It turns out Haggerty and Blake had been “laying low” before the pandemic started. So, it isn’t that much of an adjustment for them. The Bachelor in Paradise star said one of their “silver linings” is the fact that they are getting closer every day.

The BiP alum said even on their “off” days, they have the security of understanding each other and knowing the love they share is not “fickle or unkind.” Together the pair is learning how to show their love. They are also learning to be more patient as they “navigate these uncertain times.”


How are they keeping themselves busy in quarantine?

To keep busy, Kristian and Taylor are binge-watching MasterChef Junior, true crime documentaries and American Pickers. They are also learning new skills. One thing they have both learned is they “should not play games against each other” as they both have such competitive natures.

In the meantime, they are doing their best to keep their spirits high. It sounds like it isn’t too difficult, as the Bachelor in Paradise alum says Taylor is a “very entertaining person,” who always has her laughing.


One thing is for sure, whatever challenges they face during the quarantine, Kristian knows there is no one else she would rather be with than Taylor. She says Blake is “one of the most kind and affectionate people” she has ever met. Taylor loves to surprise her with letters and acts of kindness. Also, it turns out Blake is an amazing chef – obviously a great skill to have during the lockdown!

Kristian ends by confirming she definitely wouldn’t want to be in quarantine with anyone else.  Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them a loving future together during, and after, the pandemic.

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