Jessa Duggar Shares How Her Mother Dealt With Anger

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The Duggars have been making headlines for years with their incredibly unique and religious upbringing. Because of this, Americans have found them to be a source of entertainment and sometimes anger. Not everyone likes the way Jim Bob and Michelle raise their kids. But, it seems many of their adult kids are grateful for the way they were raised.

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, Jessa Duggar is creating tribute videos to Jim Bob and Michelle for all of her followers to watch.

Michelle Duggar’s view on dealing with anger

Being raised along with 18 siblings has made Jessa appreciate her parents. Most recently in her tribute to Michelle, Jessa shared how her mother dealt with any anger she felt in the house.

Jessa explained that Michelle credits God’s grace for giving her the patience and energy to care for all of her kids. Additionally, TLC posted a clip in 2013 of Michelle giving advice on how she keeps calm amongst the chaos in her home.

Michelle said, “I don’t always stay calm. And yes, I do lose it at times.” She went on to share that she gives her kids permission to tell her when she’s raising her voice or acting impatiently. This tactic helps to hold her accountable as well as her children.

Finally, Michelle made it a point in her parenting style to teach her children patience. She explained that she did not tolerate any screaming, yelling, or temper tantrums. Instead, Michelle approached her kids with the same kindness and softness she wanted her children to give her in return.

Jessa Duggar’s tribute video

Now, in Jessa’s tribute video to Michelle, she expands more on her mom’s kindness and patience. She shares that her mother would get very quiet when she could feel her own anger welling up.

Jessa explains, “She said, ‘If a soft answer is what turns away wrath, then I’m gonna try to have a softer answer as I know how.’ Whenever she would feel herself getting frustrated, she, instead of raising her voice, would purposely lower her voice.”

Jessa goes on to say Michelle still uses this strategy even today. She says, “You know if mom is whispering, she means business.” It seems like Jessa has really grown to admire her mother and will be incorporating some of these lessons into her own parenting.

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