‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Family Not So Close After Flagstaff Move

Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans know that Kody Brown made the decision to move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff but as a result, the Brown family is not so close. One thing fans of the TLC show admired is that the kids and the various sister wives remained a tight-knit community. Now, adult children and parents are all living in various areas.

‘Sister Wives’ family split up after the Flagstaff move

Radar Online figured out where everyone is these days, and they wrote an article that said, “The Sister Wives family is currently divided as their adult kids opted for a life outside of the unconventional family.” Certainly, that seems true as can be seen from their social media posts.  For example, Aspyn Brown Thompson is in Nevada with her husband Mitch. Although they do visit Flagstaff, she remains there while she completes her education.

Then there’s Mariah who lives in Chicago with Audrey Kriss. The daughter of Meri Brown seems blissfully happy with her new life in a new apartment. She took to Instagram to note how much she loves her new community in Chicago. Lucky for her Meri does travel a lot.


Janelle Brown’s daughter Maddie

Maddie and Caleb had little Axel and they no longer live at home. Mom Janelle Brown really seems to miss them. This came after they moved back in with her in February last year following Caleb’s double pulmonary embolism that he survived. The new season trailer shows that Janelle really battled emotions after they moved into a place of their own in Nevada.

Meanwhile, Kody and Christine’s Daughter Mykelti Brown who married Antonio Padron lives in St. George, Utah. Recently, she posted up on her Instagram how she’s been married two years now and is still crazy in love with her man. Nevertheless, Utah is a long way from Flagstaff.

The other adult children in Kody Brown’s family

Garrison joined the National Guard two years back and since then he’s been traveling the world a lot. It’s not certain where he lives at the moment, but he seems to be having a blast. Meanwhile, Paedon said he moved out, but who knows where? We do know he has an apartment and that he recently used the hashtag #missmyfamily. Logan, the eldest child of Kody and Janelle Brown is still at the University of Nevada.

What do you think of how the Flagstaff move means the family lost some closeness? Do you know anything of the whereabouts of your favorite Sister Wives stars? Sound off in the comments below and let us know. Don’t miss Sister Wives when it starts airing on TLC on January 20, 2019.

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  1. I live here in Flagstaff and the family seems happy to be here. They are constantly tagging themselves at the local restaurants and all over town. The show started when all of their kids still lived at home and were young. Kids grow up, they move away, its a natural and healthy part of life. Good for them by the way. Their parents raised them to go off and be independent and not codependent like most millennial’s are. And dont they have plenty of other children still at home that we get to watch with pleasure as they grow too?

  2. I believe that they will all be in harmony sooner than later this time. They have been through it and know how to navigate it now. It would be great to see if they built a giant home with communal spaces under one roof and a wing for each wife off a central living area. Each wife would also have a smaller area in there respective spaces also maybe Kody could get a man cave to hang all his clothes! I love this family and it will be fun to see how there new journey develops.

    1. I think they should build one big house for all like in the beginning of the show . Each wife having their own living space. Put it right in the middle of the 15 acres. They would have more privacy and best use of the land. It would definitely bring the family back together.

  3. I agree that its to bad they had to rent different home in flaggstaff, but hopefully there new house won’t take to long and they will be moving in and be all together again.

    As for missing kids and grandchildren that are far away that is sad.

    I understand but saying that, the Browns have a big family with Love all around and I believe some are all the kids and grandchildren will be moving in and around Flagstaff.

    Keep watching.
    I don’t know if I could do it having,
    1 husband & sister wives, but a different time in my life who knows.

    Thank you Browns for showing the ups and down of your Loving Family.

  4. Sorry, not a fan of Kody. These are four strong women that should be able to start their own business and become independent of the others. They seem to lose their individuality in this family.

  5. I hope the show continues! I don’t understand why it would be canceled.. I think maybe your ratings are not accurate. I know a lot of people who watch the show but do not care to admit it!

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