‘Breaking Amish’ News: Sabrina Burkholder Confirms She is Pregnant Again

Sabrina with Ester

Breaking Amish star Sabrina Burkholder just revealed some pretty shocking news. She is pregnant once again. This is after having two children and a recent miscarriage. The reality star was crushed when she lost her baby during the filming of the latest season of Breaking Amish. TLC fans have watched her over the years struggle with substance abuse and being able to have custody of her children.

Sabrina reveals pregnancy

Sabrina revealed this information on Facebook. She is already pretty far along considering that she is due in March. The reality star also shared that she is having a boy. The father is the same father of her other children. The thing is she seems to have removed this post. You can’t find it at all now. Sabrina is still talking about being pregnant on her page, though. A post from yesterday says, “By the time this baby is born I’m not gonna have any ribs left ? He’s keeping me up all night and he’s not even here yet ? It feels like he’s moving furniture ???.” She seems to be enjoying her pregnancy.

Sabrina Burkholder pregnant Facebook

How is Sabrina doing now?

Sabrina Burkholder isn’t quite ready to share all of the details it seems like. This pregnancy could have happened during filming, but there are a lot of rumors that Sabrina ended up quitting the show. If that is true, then the viewers probably won’t get to see anything about her getting pregnant. They did watch her go through a miscarriage last week on a new episode, though. Sabrina wasn’t feeling well and it turned out that the miscarriage was what was wrong with her.

Her Facebook page does look like she is doing well. Sabrina has been posting memories, things about pregnancy and several things each day. She is even now working at a donut shop where she teases that she is going to give Jeremiah Raber a run for his money.

Are you shocked to hear that Sabrina Burkholder is pregnant once again? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t miss new episodes of Breaking Amish on Sunday nights on TLC. You never know what they will share about Sabrina and how she is doing now.

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  1. Another child that will be taken away. What’s wrong with you????? A boy that will suffer from all the damage she causes. Get your tubes tied. Sick of your bitching to members of the cast. Selfish brat. You will be the cause of this shows cancelation. I record the show so I can fast forward & not see you & the drama you cause

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