’90 Day Fiance’ Star Evelyn Cormier Shares About New Reality TV Venture

Evelyn from 90 Day Fiance

Fans of 90 Day Fiance remember Evelyn Cormier from the show. She is a singer and they touched on this during her season even though it wasn’t a big focus. It turns out that she is going to be joining another reality show and you can see her on television in 2019. Evelyn is sharing all about it.

Evelyn’s new reality gig

It turns out that Evelyn Cormier tried out for American Idol. She shared that in March of 2019 the fans will get the chance to see if she will be on the show or not. Evelyn does make it sound like her audition will show on television.

This show is something that could change Evelyn Cormier’s entire life. If she is able to make it onto the show, then she might end up getting the help her music career needs. It is hard to launch a career like this on your own. Evelyn needs this kind of help if music is the way she wants to make a living.


Update on Evelyn from 90 Day Fiance

On Thanksgiving, Evelyn posted a picture with her husband. She is very thankful that he is here in the United States with her. They seem to be getting along great. Evelyn is one of the couples from 90 Day Fiance who had a relationship work out. She also shared a fun family game night picture. It looks like things are going well for her. Now, for everyone to just see how she does on American idol.


Evelyn also posts small music videos of herself on her Instagram so fans can keep up with her music. She is really working hard on it, so this reality show is going to be a great thing for her.

Do you think that Evelyn Cormier has a chance to win the show? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t miss catching her on American Idol next season.

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  1. If the judges can see, hear, and are in their right mind, I believe she could be the winner! Her voice and style and the songs she writes are unique and exquisite! She is beautiful, kind, intelligent and sooo talented. Her family is very loving, supportive and also very talented! Can’t wait to see the judges faces when they see her and hear her sing. I’ll be praying, rooting and voting for you Evelyn! You are amazing!

    1. I’m not saying shes not talented but as others have said She doesn’t seem to take constructive criticism very well. If she makes it through the auditions she will definitely have to toughen up to go further in the competition. It seems like shes trying to sound like Sara McLaughlin..very breathy and to slow for my taste.

      1. Good point Ruby–she is NOT singing like she did as a younger person–she is trying to mimic some other artist but it does not sound genuine nor is it really her. She may have that talent but she is trying too hard to be someone she is not—and she has been too use to friends and family praising her about everything– She has to toughen up for sure—maybe that is called maturity!

  2. Sadly I don’t think Evelyn will do that well. Her talent is just not that special–and you have to stand out big time from the rest of the contestants to get noticed. She needs to listen to real professionals outside of her little rural area about how to improve her singing style–etc..But at this time she seems resistant to any type of constructive criticism. This is a very competitive business with many many talented musicians. She’s already had TV exposure with 90 Dy fiance and that has not been enough –so not sure how she will fare with the many contestants who audition for American Idol. One has to be teachable in life and Evelyn seems to have a hard time with that.

  3. I agree with Elaine. She has some talent but it’s not spectacular. She however has a nice body and is pretty, she should consider capitalizing on those assets.

    1. Good point Lisa—modeling might be the best venue for her –although some have said she has more of an old fashioned classic look –so not sure how that plays into today’s market–but certainly worth a look. However many of these models start very very young–so she may already be aging—at 20! Let’s say we hope she finds her niche!

      1. You make a good point, too. It’s likely too late for her to start modeling at this age. Plus, even if she was younger, if her skin isn’t “thick enough” for the music business, it definitely isn’t thick enough for the modeling world!!

        1. Evelyn has been way over protected by her parents–and I just don’t think that she can grow past this, And if she does—I am afraid that too much time will elapse for her to get to this point -and any opportunities she could have had will be wasted. Just another example of why parents need to allow their children to spread their wings on their own–without a lot of parental hovering!

  4. The other night I came home from work at 2am. I saw a clip of her singing. I played it and my hound dogs started howling and wouldn’t stop from the screeching and painful voice coming from the computer. They, the dogs, wailed so hard that the police were dispatched to my house to find out if I were torturing them. I then had to play the video clip to the police to show them why the dogs were in pain. I was told if I ever played that crap in front of my dogs again I would be arrested and the ASPCA would come and take the dogs away as I was torturing them. The police officer said i was lucky I wasn’t arrested that night. He was angry about me playing such horrible singing around the dogs. Never in his life did he see such abuse thrown at dogs as he saw with me playing her so called singing.

    I doubt she will make the comedy part of the show.

    1. Keith—I don’t know if you are having a little fun with all of us–or your poor dogs were really traumatized by her singing—LOL–but I laughed and laughed at your comments! I think you missed your calling as a comic! LOL! But seriously– Evelyn just cannot see that her singing “method” is way off—and that if she would use a more natural voice and with the help of a professional ( outside of New Hampshire) she might sound better. But would this be enough to win her fame and fortune? Hmm–maybe or maybe not! I am sure we will all be glued to the TV when American Idol airs–stay tuned! LOL!

  5. I think Keith was just giving an honest response to Evelyn’s talent. It was done with some humor but still a very straightforward approach to how he feels about her abilities. The music world is a very tough business and critics can be and will be far tougher than Keith’s tongue in cheek comedy!

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