’90 Day Fiance’: Rachel Walters Shares About New Sentimental Wedding Ring

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90 Day Fiance star Rachel Walters revealed a while ago that she lost her wedding ring down the garbage disposal. Her husband Jon tried everything he could to replace it, but nothing felt right. Jon actually got her a replacement ring. The thing is neither one of them felt an emotional attachment to it. Jon admitted it first and then Rachel agreed with him.

Rachel’s new ring

It turns out that Rachel would even forget her ring at home. Jon and Rachel realized this ring wasn’t the perfect one for her. Rachel Walters ended up finding a new ring on her own. She was still wearing the wedding band, but not the other part of the ring.


She is now wearing her great-grandmother’s ring instead. The band that Rachel has on now is one that was designed by her husband Jon. This is a really sweet gesture and so she is still wearing it. Along with it, she now has on the diamond ring worn by her great-grandmother.

How are Rachel and Jon now?

It looks like Rachel and Jon are still doing great, but they aren’t living together yet either. They are still having issues with the visa process. Rachel and John would be living together if it was up to them, but they just haven’t been able to make that work yet. Hopefully, they find a way to be together at some point.

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