Tia Booth Has a New Man, But What Does Raven Gates Think of Him

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Fans of Bachelor In Paradise saw Colton Underwood and Tia Booth’s on and off relationship on this last season. It’s good to know they have both closed that chapter of their life! If you haven’t heard already, Colton is the new upcoming Bachelor, and Tia has a new boyfriend, Cory Cooper! How does her BFF Raven Gates feel about Tia’s new love interest?

Truth is, Raven and Cory haven’t met yet, which is surprising to a lot of fans considering how close Raven and Tia are with each other. Tia goes to Raven for everything, especially advice! What’s taking so long for them to meet? Well, the new couple doesn’t exactly live close to each other, not even in the same state. Cory lives in Nashville and Tia lives in Arkansas, but that doesn’t stop them from being with each other. Good for them! An unknown source states, “The distance hasn’t been an issue and they have been making a huge effort in seeing each other.”


An inside source explained “Tia really likes Cory, and they are enjoying getting to know each other right now,” which is good for her considering her relationships in the past. Fans saw Tia’s heartbreak over new Bachelor, Colton Underwood. Fans say Colton played with Tia’s feelings more than before. They had a very rocky relationship when Colton ignored Tia to go on to one of her friends! However, the on and off again couple got back together on Bachelor In Paradise, but now they’ve both went separate ways and are very content with being just friends. Tia revealed, “It’s a relief to close that chapter of my life. We’re in a good place. We’re in a solid friend zone,” and fans say, good for you girl.

Colton Underwood is very excited for his own season of the Bachelor. Did you know he’s still a virgin? Will he still be a virgin by the end of his season? Who will he pick, and how much drama will this season have? Tune into The Bachelor when it comes back in January on ABC.

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