‘Big Brother 20’ News: Bayleigh Dayton Blames Her Miscarriage on Tyler Crispen

Bayleigh Dayton Big Brother Youtbue

Big Brother 20 may be over, but the drama isn’t even close to done. Bayleigh Dayton is speaking out and blaming her miscarriage on fellow houseguest Tyler Crispen. It was revealed that Bayleigh was pregnant while in the house and miscarried while at the jury house. This was Swaggy’s baby. Now, she is going to her Instagram and throwing around blame.

Bayleigh shares why she thinks she lost the baby

Bayleigh went to her Instagram and didn’t hold back at all. First off, she shared that she was on vacation with Swaggy recently. These two seem to be doing well. After that, she went on to talk about the hate messages she gets all the time. The Big Brother 20 star also talked about what she thinks made her have a miscarriage. This is what she had to say about it.

“The amount of hatred I have received has hurt me to the core…I did not attack Tyler, he attacked me. For something I did not do, a day after I found out that I was having a baby(that I was THRILLED to be having) a baby that I lost probably due to the stress of the house… I’m sad that I don’t have the friendships that I thought I would coming out the house. And I’m on edge trying to protect Chris from all the hatred and negativity we see on the daily.”


Basically, Bayleigh Dayton is saying that she thinks she lost her baby due to stress. Tyler Crispen is who she is saying cause most of this stress to her in the Big Brother house. Bayleigh and Tyler didn’t get along. It isn’t like he physically attacked her or anything, though. Instead, they didn’t get along. This happens all the time in the Big Brother house.


Tyler Crispen speaks out

Tyler Crispen did defend himself against her, though. He sent a reply that simply said, “absolutely unacceptable.” It is impressive that he kept it classy. The Big Brother house is stressful for anyone and couldn’t have been easy on Tyler either.

Right now, Tyler is doing well. He is still with Angela Rummans. Tyler found love in the Big Brother house just like Bayleigh, so both just need to get the chance to enjoy their lives.

Are you shocked to hear Bayleigh Dayton blame Tyler Crispen for her miscarriage while in the Big Brother 20 jury house?

Mandy Robinson


  1. I didnt like Bay as a BB hg’s but the hate she get is un called for. Tyler isnt the reasom y sheoat the baby. Every1 in that house was stressing also. Good luck to all the hg’s on lifr outside the BB game.

  2. It is very common to miscarry a first pregnancy. Blaming anyone is the lowest and most ignorant thing she can do however it does not surprise me. She is an evil woman who is so jealous of anyone who gets more attention than her. Sad.

  3. What a joke. I hate she miscarried that’s upsetting for anyone. But she had unprotected sex so she knew it would most likely happen. On that note do not blame Tyler for it. Stress can play a factor true but she is being ridiculous with thesr accusations. No one likes you bayleigh cause you were rude to the houseguests
    Best wishes to you but it isn’t right to blame him. So stop. Lost respect from many ppl even more now I am sure

  4. So she’s pregnant by someone she’s known for a hot minute and she’s excited. She went nuts on Tyler, way overboard. It’s a game. You and Swampy were total attention seekers as most on the show are. No one cares anymore my dear. Get a real job.

  5. She needs to get of her high horse. I wish her and trashy I mean swaggy best of luck. Will they last? Probably cuz they are both alike.

  6. Anything to stay relevant!!! It’s cruel to blame someone for 5-6 week old spontaneous abortion(miscarriage). The reason it is spontaneous is because the body knows it would not survive to term because of any numerous reasons. For all she knew it may not have formed all the way. Women have miscarriages all the time without even knowing they are pregnant yet. It’s very common in the first month of pregnancy. It doesn’t happen because someone tells you they plan on voting you out of the house on eviction day!!!! That is the the game. Everyone except 2 houseguests get evicted!!! I suggest she do some research on pregnancy and miscarriages. She just made herself soung ignorant by posting he blame game. Sure shows nothing has changed with her. Her and her boyfriend should accept the fact that they just weren’t very likable on BB. Time to move on

  7. This batshit crazy fame seeking whore only seeking her 15 minutes of prime time!!! Girl needs to learn to keep her legs together. Been in dat house 15 minutes and what she do? Gets knocked up by yet another idiot wanting his 15 minutes of fame (after spending like 5 minutes between her legs…lol!!!) Tyler ain’t got no time for that level of her stupidity. I don’t believe she was even pregnant at all.. just another fake ass publicity stunt – just like their perfectly timed shit show of an engagement on tv. And she WONDERS why Queen Bitch Bay & Swampy Boy are founding themselves the full frontal target of America’s HATE?!?!? Girl, gift up off yo ratchet ass and go watch those BB episodes again! This time, take of your BITCH BLINDERS so you can see exactly why EVERYONE HATES YOU!!!!! LMMFAO!!!!!!!

  8. I hate for anyone, but many first pregnancies do end in miscarriage. Also plenty of pregnant women experience horrible stress (things like death of a spouse, child, or other loved one) without miscarrying, so there’s that… For a college educated woman, her ignorance about pregnancy is inexcusable. Her period was barely missed when she was telling Haleigh that she could feel the baby kicking. I’m thinking Haleigh knew that wasn’t the case but was too afraid to say so because Bayleigh attacks anyone disagrees with her – I guess since she’s 1 point away from being a genius and all…

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