Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans Share If They Would Do ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’

Tyler Crispen with Angela Rummans from Big Brother

Fans love Big Brother 20 stars Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans, AKA ‘Tangela’. Viewers are obsessed with their relationship, it’s the cutest! If you follow the two on Instagram you would see the growth of their relationship unfold, and fans love how sweet Tyler is about his girlfriend. The question that always stands, would they return for another season of Big Brother? The answer is, they’re actually very open to the idea, but they wouldn’t do it without each other. Is that relationship goals or what?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Tyler Crispen says, “If you’re gonna do a returning cast, I like it when it’s just all-stars,” then Angela adds “I would do it again, if he did it again,” Angela said, referring to her boyfriend Tyler. “He would have to do it with me. I told him if they ask him to do it without me, I’m like, no, he can’t do it.” That may sound crazy, but Tyler agreed, “She was the only thing that kept me sane after I started to lose it, so definitely with her.” So how would that work out? Will they accept that deal, or just move onto the next alumni? An all-star season has not been confirmed yet, but it does seem like it is about the right time to do it. 


If you watched the show, you know that Angela and Tyler grew close because of the Level Six alliance. Viewers saw that most of the players in the alliance made it through most of the game. However, the power couple made it really far together. Fans saw a few people catch onto their showmance during the show, such as JC Mounduix, he was very suspicious. They even exchanged their first “I love you” on the show Big Brother. Fans were so excited to see the relationship progress over time.

The power couple’s relationship is growing tremendously. Tyler even took his dream back home for Thanksgiving. She must be special to him to be able to go back home and meet his mother! Fans absolutely adore these two former Big Brother 20 players and following their relationship on every social media they post on. Tune into the premiere of Celebrity Big Brother on January 21 on CBS.

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