Danica McKellar

Sleuthers, we have uncovered another Hallmark mystery series corpse. Ready to learn about the fate of Danica McKellar’s mystery series? Also, would Danica McKellar return to Hallmark to film another mystery series? Moreover, could she, as she recently signed an exclusive contract with GAC Media? Danica McKellar Confirms That Hallmark Canceled Matchmaker Mysteries  On Twitter,
Ready to kick off the New Year with a Royal Romance? GAC Family is! They are premiering their first movie starring Danica McKellar in The Winter Palace. Besides Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years, Young Justice), Neal Bledsoe (Younger, Shameless), Jennifer Wigmore (Y: The Last Man, Malory Towers), Luke Marty (Regression, Mayor Of Kingstown), Warren Darnell-Martin