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Which Hallmark Alum May Compete On ‘DWTS’ Season 31?

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DWTS fans are anxiously waiting for the official list of stars competing in Season 31. Some very clever fans have already figured out who one of them is.

Moreover, that star is someone that Hallmark fans know quite well. Can you guess who it is? Read on as we have that information!

Which Hallmark Alum Is Competing On DWTS Season 31?

The new DWTS cast has not been announced, but some savvy fans have already figured out who one of the competing stars is.

Hallmark, Great American Family, DWTS Cindy Busby Group Selfie-
Hallmark, Great American Family, DWTS Cindy Busby Group Selfie-

On one of the Dancing With The Stars Facebook groups, a fan figured it out. They shared several photos, including one of a contestant headed to the DWTS studio. This person donned a motorcycle helmet, with a camel-colored hoodie over his helmet. Then she shared a few more photos including one of Hallmark alum Trevor Donovan, a photo of his tattoo on his calf. She then put all the pieces together.

“Caught You Mystery Man. The guy below was spotted headed into the DWTS studio-in disguise, of course. Some enterprising reporter took a photos of the tattoo on his calf.”

Social media went to work. The tattoo was identified post haste and it looks like Trevor Donovan will be dancing on the show. Trevor is perhaps best known for being on 90210 but he had soap gigs and other roles as well.

DWTS Facebook Group Post
DWTS Facebook Group Post

While Trevor is very popular in the world of rom-coms like the recent UPtv movie The Engagement Plot, as well as in the upcoming movie, Reagan, he doesn’t need to cover up his face when he is in public on a normal day.

However, between covering up, and his distinctive tattoo of a guitar on his calf, it is bingo! It certainly looks like the 43-year-old star is going to be dancing during DWTS Season 31.

Has Trevor Donovan Ever Danced Before?

One question that a lot of DWTS fans always want to know is how much dancing experience a competitor previously has. The 43-year-old actor surely has danced in one rom-com in the past.

Although Trevor Donovan’s IMDb does not list professional dancing, the “true Renaissance man” plays guitar, sings, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design.

A natural athlete, you are more apt to see him riding a horse, like in JL Ranch, surfing in Aloha With Love, or skiing, as in Two For The Win. He was even a competition skier, on the US teen ski team, before becoming an actor.

Therefore, it will be very interesting to see how he performs in the upcoming DWTS season.

DWTS Photo: Trevor Donovan Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steve Wilkie
DWTS Photo: Trevor Donovan Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steve Wilkie

Three Great American Family Stars Have Competed On DWTS

Although DWTS Season 31 probable is known as a Hallmark Hunk, he signed with Great American Family at the end of last year.

Ironically, two other former Hallmark stars, now Great American Family stars also competed on Dancing With The Stars, but back in Season 18. Both Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar both competed during that season.

Moreover, McKellar revealed on the Deck The Hallmark podcast that it was that exposure that helped lead to work with the Hallmark Channel, when Bill Abbott, the former CEO, now CEO of the newer network, was in charge.

In addition, Hallmark and Great American Family star Jesse Metcalfe was on DWTS Season 29.

Were any of these actors responsible for Trevor Donovan to compete this season? We will have to find out.

Trevor Donovan fans, will you be watching DWTS Season 31?

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