Michael Strahan Makes His Return To ‘Good Morning America’

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Good Morning America fans have been eager to learn when Michael Strahan would return to his post alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous. Good news! He’s back after being MIA for several weeks. Here is what he’s been up to and details on when he plans to retire.

Michael Strahan Returns To Good Morning America After Long Hiatus

Michael Strahan also recently opened up about the impact his daughter’s battle with cancer had on his decision to continue working. The GMA anchor has taken a significant amount of time off to be there to support Isabella Strahan while she underwent several surgeries and three rounds of chemotherapy.

He said that it just solidified the fact that he doesn’t wish to work forever. Instead, he would rather focus on spending time with his children and making memories before he’s too old.

Michael Strahan appears on GMA | Courtesy of ABC
Michael Strahan appears on GMA | Courtesy of ABC

Rumors about Michael’s retirement have been circulating online since he has been gone from the morning talk show. Several news outlets picked up a conversation he had in 2023 where he addressed when he would retire. He has no plans of continuing to work forever.

“I guarantee you this: I’ll be off TV before a lot of people [are] sick of seeing me on TV,” Michael Strahan said at the time. However, that time is not now. Luckily for his fans, Michael is back on GMA. 

The former NFL star returned to the news desk on Monday, July 8. Prior to his return to the talk show, he was enjoying a relaxing vacation.

More Shakeups On Morning Talk Shows This Summer

GMA’s regular trio was back together on Monday. Michael Strahan sat at the desk with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous. They all seemed to be in good spirits and happy to have Michael back.

The three anchors chatted about George’s exclusive interview with President Joe Biden. They also spoke with Jenn Tran, the first Asian-American lead on The Bachelorette ahead of Monday night’s season premiere.

GMA’s Michael Strahan & Robin Roberts | YouTube

Michael isn’t the only one who has been away from Good Morning America recently. Both Robin and George have taken some time off. George took a few days off to prep for his sit-down with President Biden. Robin has been off to perform interviews around the nation, and she’s taken a vacation recently too.

Good Morning America isn’t the only morning talk show that has had some major shakeups with hosts either. Around the Fourth of July holiday, other talk shows like CBS Mornings and Today had some of their most popular hosts missing. Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Gayle King have all recently taken time away from the news desk.

That being said, it looks like the morning talk shows have returned to normal and Michael Strahan is back on GMA to stay (at least for a little while).

You can catch Good Morning America weekdays on ABC at 7 a.m. EST.

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