How Is Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella After Final Round Of Chemo?

Michael Strahan's daughters Isabella and Sophia - YouTube/Isabella Strahan

Michael Strahan has been on hiatus from Good Morning America for a while now. He has been taking time off to help support his daughter, Isabella, while she battles brain cancer. The 19-year-old influencer shared her entire journey on her YouTube channel but has been radio silent elsewhere. So, how is she following her final round of chemo? Keep reading to see the latest update since Isabella returned to social media.

Isabella Returns To Social Media Amid Dad’s Absence On GMA

Although her father Michael Strahan is still missing from GMA, Isabella has made her way back to social media after a long hiatus. She was focused on recovering from multiple brain surgeries and undergoing chemotherapy, so she took a break from other platforms.

Michael’s break from Good Morning America continues even though his daughter’s chemo has wrapped up. His last appearance on the morning show was several weeks ago.

The GMA star has not updated his Instagram since June 24, but his daughter has started to share updates on Instagram and TikTok over the last few days. Her latest clip on TikTok showed her alongside her twin sister. They are sporting matching black hats, sports bras, and skirts in the video.

Michael Strahan's daughters Isabella and Sophia - Instagram
Instagram/Isabella Strahan

“This Is How We Do” by Katy Perry plays in the background as the pair make a few funny gestures to the camera. Isabella Strahan can be smiling throughout the entire video. In the caption, she wrote,  “Your newest pickleball refs #slay.”

People were excited to show their support for Michael Strahan’s daughter in the comments.

“You look AMAZING Rock Star Warrior!!” one follower wrote. Another commented, “Twin core,” while a third begged, “We need more content!”

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella - Instagram
Instagram/Isabella Strahan

Then, on Saturday, Isabella shared another update on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself to her Story. She wore a light blue shirt, baseball hat, and sunglasses. In the photo, she showed a can of Gorgie energy drink. A red heart drawn on the photo drew attention to Isabella’s face on the can. On the photo, she wrote, “Face on @getgorgie.”

What’s Next For Michael Strahan’s Daughter?

These updates are the first from Michael Strahan’s daughter after she finished her third and final round of chemo. She has been open about her diagnosis and her battle with medulloblastoma. Earlier this year, she appeared on Good Morning America with her dad to talk about her diagnosis.

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella - Instagram (1)
Instagram/Isabella Strahan

In late 2023, she had to undergo emergency surgery to have a malignant brain tumor removed. Since then, she has had to have two additional brain surgeries. Not to mention, a plethora of tests and procedures have been performed, she underwent rehab, radiation therapy, and three rounds of chemo.

People have been able to stay up to date with her progress on YouTube. She has documented the entire journey there, but fans still missed seeing her on social media. It looks like she’s finally made her return.

Isabella Strahan plans to continue to attend school at the University of Southern California now that she has done her final round of chemotherapy.

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  1. Isabella,
    I am so thankful your cancer treatment worked and I am praying for you!!!! You are an Strong Angel put here on earth to show us All how to be a Beautiful Strong Fighter. Jesus loves You please believe He does even tho you have had to go to he’ll and back. You truly are a wonderful example to us All. One day we who believe in Jesus as the Son of God will have a great new pain free body that will be a great fun day for you and us All. keep smiling your beautiful smile and We love you!!❤️❤️❤️

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