Joan Vassos’ ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Season Doomed To Fail?

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

The Golden Bachelorette hasn’t even premiered yet but some fans think Joan Vassos’ season is doomed to fail. Keep reading to find out why.

Joan Vassos Might Not Be As Popular As The Network Thinks

Joan Vassos was a contestant on the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelor. But she never got a chance to explore a connection with Gerry Turner. She left the show in Week 3 after a phone call from her family. Her daughter had recently given birth and was struggling.

The move drew praise from viewers for putting her family first. Joan returned for the Women Tell All special in November 2023. She shared more insight into her decision to leave.

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

Gerry Turner proposed to Theresa Nist on the Golden Bachelor finale and married her just two months later. The two shockingly announced their decision to divorce in April 2024, just three months after their highly publicized wedding.

Prior to the divorce announcement, The Golden Bachelor was considered a huge success that revived the tired franchise. Fans immediately began begging for a Golden Bachelorette spinoff.

The network confirmed in February that the spinoff was happening. But didn’t announce Joan Vassos as the lead until June. Many fans were shocked by the news. After all, they never got a chance to connect with Joan since she self-eliminated so early on.

Traditionally, the network chooses leads that fans already know and have a connection with. Since Joan isn’t well known, there’s a chance her season could be a total flop.

The Gerry Turner Effect

While Joan Vassos’ casting is a disappointment to some Bachelor Nation fans, Gerry Turner is a bigger disappointment. People who don’t usually watch The Bachelor franchise tuned in to the senior version of the dating show.

Viewers thought Gerry Turner was charming and unproblematic. The Hollywood Reporter published an expose poking holes in his back story right before the Golden Bachelor season finale aired. But the piece was largely ignored.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner - Bachelor Nation - ABC YouTube
Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner – Bachelor Nation – ABC YouTube

His wedding to Theresa Nist aired live on ABC with millions of viewers tuning in. But the divorce news put a stain on the franchise that could affect whether people tune in to the Golden Bachelorette or not.

Screen Rant speculates that Gerry Turner cost the franchise credibility. Gerry and Theresa were hardly the first couple in the franchise to break up but their rush to divorce so soon after their wedding was definitely a first for Bachelor Nation.

The Golden Bachelorette is currently filming and will air on ABC this fall. Do you think it will be a flop? Sound off in the comments.

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