Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Stepping Away From Podcast, Why?

Travis Kelce - Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are one of the most famous sibling pairs around. Recently, they announced that they would be stepping away from their hugely popular podcast. So, why are these two brothers taking a step back?

Fans Love Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce

When you’re a public figure of any sort, it’s extremely difficult to not have haters. When it comes to Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, the brothers, Super Bowl champs, and bonafide celebs seem to have found the secret formula for universal appeal.

Not only do the brothers have successful NFL careers to be proud of, but, people genuinely like their brotherly bond, and they have the kind of appeal that makes people want to party with them and get to know them. That’s a rare quality for anyone who reaches their level of success, let alone that there are two of them.

Travis Kelce - YouTube, Entertainment Tonight

Travis And Jason Have An Insanely Popular Podcast

In addition to enviable NFL careers, brand endorsements, game show hosting gigs, and Travis Kelce also busy being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, the brothers also find the time to put together their popular podcast. New Heights is a winner with fans.

Between the brotherly banter and sharing personal stories, Travis and Jason even welcome other famous guests sometimes. Overall, podcasting is the way to go these days, and these brothers have figured out the formula for podcast success.

Based on the podcast viewing numbers from YouTube alone, each New Heights podcast episode pulled in an average of 1.92M viewers per episode, according to Zoomph. This represents a 98 percent increase from the previous year, where episodes pulled in an average of 973k viewers per episode.

Jason and Travis Kelce, New Heights Podcast, YouTube

Of course, a lot of this is due to Travis Kelce raising his public profile since dating Taylor Swift, but, even before this spike in viewership, the brothers were pulling in numbers that were more than respectable.

Kelce Brothers Stepping Away From Popular Podcast

As big of a hit as the podcast is for the Kelce brothers, unfortunately, they will be stepping away from it, as an indefinite hiatus is coming. ET notes that the fan-favorite podcast will be “taking a break” to allow Travis to go to training camp.

Of course, fans know that Jason Kelce officially retired after a legendary career with the Philadelphia Eagles. As for Travis, he will suit up once again for the Kansas City Chiefs, with the hope of winning another Super Bowl ring.

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce/YouTube

So, even though listeners will miss tuning in for the New Heights shows, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, as Travis said: “I’m down to pick it up once we’re done with training camp.”

It’s clear that the brothers love filming their podcast, and that they have every intention to get back to it once the business of football is taken care of on Travis’s end, which is good news for all of their fans.

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