Jason Kelce Gives His Opinion On Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce has given his opinion on the relationship between his brother, Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift. The two have been dating for almost a year now and fans love seeing them together. However, does Jason feel like the two have a good relationship? He has made it clear on his opinion and fans are dying to know what it is. Keep reading to find out what he thinks.

Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been dating for almost a year now. Fans have been following their relationship since the beginning. Taylor has shown up at several of Travis’s football games. She was there when they won the Super Bowl. They have been seen out together numerous times and they seem ecstatic when they are together. Taylor recently made it Instagram official when she posted him twice within the same week. She also brought him on stage to perform with her. Fans know that she would not do that if she did not feel confident in the relationship.

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, The View - YouTube
Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, The View – YouTube

What Does Jason Kelce Think About Their Relationship?

How does Jason Kelce feel about their relationship? It seems that he thinks it is great.

“We just want to be supportive of him and their relationship and everything that they’ve got going on because it’s so wonderful right now, that was a blast this past weekend, we were over in London at those concerts. And Taylor, what she has accomplished not just in that short period of time, but over the course of her career, is truly remarkable.”

There is no doubt that the Kelce family respects what Taylor has done in her career. There are not many people in the world who don’t respect her. Fans were happy to hear that Jason is supportive of the relationship. The two keep in touch when they are apart. They have supported each other throughout their busy careers.

It seems that Jason Kelce loves their relationship. He wants to see his little brother happy and that is what is going on. Fans love to hear that Jason thinks highly of their relationship. Taylor and Travis are doing amazing, and fans have never seen her this public and proud of a relationship before. The two of them are confident in their relationship and fans cannot wait to see where they go from here. How do you feel about their relationship? Sound off in the comments below.

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