Where Is ‘Big Brother’ Streaming For Free Now?

Big Brother 10 cast | YouTube

There is some good news for Big Brother fans. It looks like fans of the show can relive some older episodes and newer fans can see it for the first time for free. This is unusual because the hit reality TV show has been behind a paywall on streaming services for much of the last few years.

For at least some of the seasons, that has changed, and here is where you can see the show at for free.

Big Brother On A Free Streaming Service

Big Brother has been on the streaming service Paramount+, but that service costs money. Anyone who wanted to see the past seasons included on it, had to pay that subscription fee. Netflix also had some of the seasons, but once again Netflix is not free. Now, there is a free streaming service with Big Brother on its platform.

Julie on Big Brother 26 / YouTube
Julie on Big Brother 26 / YouTube

Pluto TV is a free streaming service and it now offers Big Brother content. This was revealed through an X post from the streaming service’s site. The post reads, “Before #BB26 begins… You can now stream select past seasons of #BigBrother FOR FREE on Pluto TV’s new 24/7 Big Brother channel.”

When it comes to what seasons of Big Brother is on Pluto TV, here is a look at the options: Seasons 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, and Reindeer Games. By the way, the missing season there (22) is an all-star season and is exclusive to Paramount+. The site also has an OnDemand option to allow a person to pick and choose from the episodes.

When Is Big Brother 26 Coming?

Big Brother 26 is coming in just two weeks. The new season premieres on Wednesday night, July 17 for a two-night event that will continue on Thursday night, July 18. This season, the schedule will also return to normal after last year kept switching times and dates.

Every episode this season after the premiere will air at 9/8c on CBS. The nights of the week will remain constant as well, with new episodes airing on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The live eviction episodes will take place on Thursday each week. The online live feeds are also returning, and Paramount+ subscribers can watch the house anytime they want, night or day.

There is no word on the themes or games for the new season.

Are you excited to see Big Brother 26? Will you be checking out Pluto TV to catch up on some past seasons free of charge? Let us know your plans in the comments below.

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