‘Big Brother’ Star Matt Klotz Shows Off Massive Transformation

Matt Klotz from Big Brother 25 | YouTube

Matt Klotz was the runner-up on Big Brother 25. Since leaving the show, he has picked up a pretty bad reputation among his former houseguests. However, he isn’t letting that stop him; he has just made a major transformation in his life.

Here is a look at what Matt has done with himself since leaving Big Brother.

Matt Klotz Shows Up Major Transformation

Matt Klotz was one of the finalists on Big Brother 25. He played a good game socially, but he seemed to falter somewhat when it came to his actual gameplay. He didn’t really take responsibility for any of his moves and let others take credit, which led to a second-place finish.

Matt Klotz from Big Brother 25 | YouTube
Matt Klotz from Big Brother 25 | YouTube

Since the show ended, Matt has conducted some interviews, which have angered many of his former houseguests. He has also worked on changing himself, at least physically. He just posted a photo to his Instagram Stories with a look at his transformation.

According to the photo, Matt has dropped from 17% body fat to 7% body fat in what he claimed to be 65 days. He had a before-and-after photo and then a new photo of him shirtless at the gym with a visible six-pack.

Of course, Matt is a natural athlete. He is deaf and has represented the United States at the Deaflympics, where he set several deaf world records for swimming in the 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 100m backstroke, and 200m backstroke.

Big Brother 25 Houseguests Ripped Into Matt Klotz After The Show

Things have not been as smooth as one might think after his Big Brother 25 fame. Several houseguests clapped back at Matt thanks to things he said in the live feeds and also in post-show interviews.

Matt Klotz from Big Brother 25 IG
Matt Klotz from Big Brother 25 IG

After the show, Matt took part in The Zack Nichols Podcast and had a little to say about his former houseguests. Zach said he was never really that into Reilly Snedley, despite their showmance, and also dismissed some of the things he said about America Lopez on the live feeds.

On those live feeds, he called her a “b**ch” and complained that she didn’t cook. He was part of a group of guys who outwardly said they wanted to protect and keep around the women who cooked in the house.

This caused America to lash back after the podcast, and she let the world know what she thought of Zach when she wrote, “Matt’s an idiot! He would never say any of this sh*t to my face bc he’s a bum! … Just a spineless misogynist loser.”

What do you think about Matt Klotz and his body transformation? Were you a fan of him on Big Brother 25? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Calling somebody a bitch doesn’t make them a misogynist.
    Ttpical brown person, always looking for a way to be a victim. Pathetic.

  2. I absolutely loved watching Matt, he was my favorite & still is. Wish he would have stuck up for himself more. I agree America was a biatch on the show, don’t know her in real life, but people’s true colors tend to shine on Big Brother unfortunately. Matt had a huge disadvantage, being deaf living in a house full of whispers is a hard thing to accomplish, but he did it & for that alone I am so proud of him. Lookin good Matty Ice, keep up the good work 🤙🏼👌🏼❤️🥰

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