Fans Want Kylie Jenner To Stop Advertising Stupid Behavior

Kylie Jenner - KUWTK

While Kylie Jenner was open about her anxieties during the past few episodes of The Kardashians, she is still living a very public life. As such, fans are slamming her most recent outing. Furthermore, they think she is showing stupid behavior and that she needs to stop advertising it.

Kylie Kardashian Shares Anxiety

During the past two episodes of The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner talked about the anxiety she felt on the way to Aspen. Before that, she was also overcome with tears after discussing being in the limelight all the time and hearing criticism since she was thirteen. Undeniably, she feels like people have the wrong idea of her and her family. But after she posts one recent event, fans aren’t letting up since they notice her joining in “dangerous” behaviors and then promoting it.

Kylie Jenner - KUWTK
Kylie Jenner – KUWTK

Kylie Jenner Shares Khloe’s Fun Filled Night

On Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page, she shows a video of what she captions as: “Best night ever ??” Then, she posts it on TikTok showing her and her family and friends going full tilt with Khloe Kardashian’s 40th birthday party. Everyone was sporting all denim and jewels for the occasion. They decorated the entire place as “KhloeWood.”

  • One fan says on TikTok, “I had the time of my life watching this TikTok!”
  • “This is the definition of a great night 😂.”
Khloe Kardashian's birthday party is a smash. - Instagram
Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party is a smash. – Instagram

While Khloe has been waiting to close out her thirties for quite some time, she is busting into her forties. But Khloe wasn’t ending it being “boring.” Kylie, Kim, Khloe, Kris, Kourtney, and an entire room of friends and family all dance around singing and drinking for the “best” party. Additionally, they pull out a mechanical bull and have an inflatable bouncing area to kick it up a notch. Furthermore, there is random money spraying across the room while the party attendees go wild. Kylie shows her and Stassi searching out food after heavily drinking. All in all, they seem to keep it young and free for Khloe’s start to her fourth decade.

Many fans loved how candid Kylie Jenner was.

  • “Love this kind of content from you 🥰 humanizes you.”
  • Another says, “I love how this just gets more and more unhinged.”

Likewise, the video shows plenty of Kardashian-Jenner product placement throughout.

  • “One thing about the KarJenner kids , even whilst they’re wild’n out / partying , they’re low key still advertising their brand 😍🙌.”

However, some fans notice one very irresponsible behavior and they can’t help but call it out.

Fans notice Kardashian-Jenner product placement. - Instagram
Fans notice Kardashian-Jenner product placement. – Instagram

Fans Want Kylie Jenner To Stop Advertising Stupid Behavior

On the stage there are stacks of Dolly Parton cakes, Kylie Jenner shows off her Sprinter brand, and Kourtney Kardashian’s Lemme “Wake the F*ck Up” gummies are front and center. But how were they going to work in the gummy promotion during Khloe’s birthday party you ask – Gummy chugging, of course. While the recommended amount of Lemme’s is two gummies per day, a little alcohol makes Kylie, Kim, and Kylie’s close friend Stassi decide to gobble them down. During the TikTok, they are pouring the entire bottle in their mouths as they giggle while showing Kourtney‘s brand.

Kylie Jenner "chugs" Lemme gummies - TikTok
Kylie Jenner “chugs” Lemme gummies – TikTok

The Kardashians fans immediately recognize how unsafe taking more vitamins than recommended can be.

  • On Kylie Jenner’s Tiktok someone says, “Not chugging the gummiesss😭.”
  • But Redditors were also chiming in about the dangerousness of Kylie’s promotions. “Chugging gummies is crazy.”
  •  “Chugging gummies is probably dangerous and not cool to promote.”

Other Fans Weigh In

More Redditors were talking about Kylie Jenner’s video and their stupid decisions.

  • “I don’t doubt they’re having fun, but it still gives the vibe that they’re trying to prove something… until it gets to Stassie memeing the gummies. Then they’re all just dumb messed up which is funny lol.”
  • While some were against it, others were loving the scene. “THIS WHAT WE WANT TO WATCH! I would happily watch them all get drunk rail some Lemme gummies, see that they’re getting too drunk, go get food to sober up, just to go right back to the party and get drunk all over!”

best night ever ??

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What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s video of the end of Khloe Kardashian’s thirties? Do you think they should be more careful about advertising stupid behavior like “chugging gummies”? Do you think it looked like fun? Are you ready for more episodes of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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