Kylie Jenner Cries, Urges People To Stop ‘Dehumanizing’ Her Family

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On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner is candid about an issue she feels is prevalent in the Kardashian-Jenner lives. While talking with big sis, Kendall Jenner, she is brought to tears over how people “dehumanize” her and their family. Kylie urges the public to remember they have feelings when they are talking about the family.

Kylie Jenner Reminds The Kardashians Are Human

Undeniably, having a life in the public eye can be captivating at times, but one of the major drawbacks is someone is always watching. Undoubtedly, it is easy to find fault with celebrities who have their lives blasted on multiple platforms 24/7. While the Kardashian-Jenner family share many of their life moments with the public through Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Kardashians, public events, interviews, and several other media streams, they remind that they are still humans. Kylie Jenner broke down on the June 20 episode of The Kardashians as she was blindsided by the accumulated emotions of criticism for her looks. She admits, “It’s a miracle I still have confidence and can still look in the mirror and still think I’m pretty.”

Kylie Jenner - YouTube
Kylie Jenner – YouTube

Kylie Jenner Urges People To Stop ‘Dehumanizing’ Her Family

While talking with Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner reflects on being on blast for her looks during the Paris Fashion Week in September. While she was in attendance at some events, she chose to tone down her makeup look after receiving backlash for “wearing too much” previously. After that, fans bash her for having “too little” makeup on. In a confessional interview, Kylie says, “I hear nasty things about myself all the time.” Finally, voicing the pain, she says, “I think it’s just after 10 years of hearing about it, it just gets exhausting.” Without a doubt, she lives very publicly, and the “public” is a composition of a whirlpool of opinions that can be a heavy burden.

Kylie Jenner gets a mix of responses. - Instagram
Kylie Jenner gets a mix of responses. – Instagram

Admittedly, Kylie doesn’t understand why “the Internet” thinks their comments don’t affect the family. “We’re dehumanized in our family,” Kendall, 28, told her. “There are no rules with us. They don’t think we have any feelings.” Kylie Jenner says, “I went on a journey last year dissolving half of my lip filler.” Then, she adds, “I hate even having this conversation over and over and over again. It feels like it’s a waste of my breath because I think, with me, it is never going to change.”

Kylie Jenner’s Emotions Catch Her Off Guard

As Kylie Jenner began to cry, Kendall Jenner moved to her side to wrap her up in her arms and comfort her. Unfortunately, as Kylie discusses the pressure of seeing people judge her for her looks, the floodgate is open. Unmistakably, sharing her vulnerability blindsided her. She tells Kendall, “Like, I’ve never cried about this before, but I guess it does affect me.” Feeling the release of emotions from suppressing them for years, Kylie’s eyes filled with tears. Sharing, “People have been talking about my looks since I was 12 or 13 before I even got lip filler.”

She reminds people the Kardashian-Jenners are human and still have feelings. - Instagram
Kylie Jenner reminds people the Kardashian-Jenners are human and still have feelings. – Instagram

Strength Through Tears

Although Kylie Jenner was moved to tears, she talked about her purpose. In a confessional, she says, “I think I’m a really strong.” Adding, “And I was put in this position for a reason.” Reassuring herself she continues. She says, “I do think of myself as a confident person… but I’m also human and there’s only so much someone can take.” However, Kendall Jenner sadly says, “Our family’s been in the industry for a long time.” Then, she consoles Kylie saying, “Sadly it’s something we need to grow tough skin on.” Collecting herself, Kylie says, “I cannot let the comments get me down.” Then, she shakes it off and asserts, “I’ve got s— to do.”

They talk through the stress of being in the public eye. - Instagram
Kendall and Kylie Jenner talk through the stress of being in the public eye. – Instagram

What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s tender vulnerability? Can you imagine growing up in the limelight with constant criticism? Are you ready for a new episode of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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