Fans Split Over Kim Kardashian’s Collab With Nicola Coughlan

Nicola Coughlan & Kim Kardashian

Lately, The Kardashians fans are split over Kim Kardashian inviting Nicola Coughlan into a collaboration for the SKIMS brand. While the Bridgerton followers are ecstatic to see the two worlds collide, some fans are bashing Kim for her campaign including Nicola.

Kim Kardashian Ruffles Some Feather With Her SKIMS Collaboration

Undeniably, Kim Kardashian is using her SKIMS brand to attempt to show inclusion for all body types. Previously, she has invited stars such as Usher, the White Lotus cast, Ice Spice, and Sabrina Carpenter to team up with her brand. Additionally, Kim has SKIMS campaigns with the NBA, WNBA, and Fendi, to name a few. Some believe Kim’s timing of including Nicola Coughlan is perfect with the recent release of Netflix hit Bridgerton Season 3. With Penelope Featherington, aka, Lady Whistledown, giving some juicy appearances, she is circulating the Internet with fame. However, she hasn’t made friends everywhere she goes. Some of The Kardashians fans slam Kim for including Nicola in a collaboration with SKIMS.

Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand. -YouTube
Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand. – YouTube

Fans Split Over Kim Kardashian’s Collab With Nicola Coughlan

When Kim Kardashian released the new SKIMS campaign on Monday, June 17, some fans were delighted to see the beautiful, young Nicola Coughlan sporting new SKIMS wear. In her paid partnership with SKIMS, Nicola was shown wearing pale pink shapewear amid a grouping of pastel flowers. Additionally, the brand aired a video of Nicola in a long neon green full-length dress. Before the camera zooms into Nicola there are flashes of leaves and flowers with possibly Regency era-esk vocals that dramatically stop to allow Nicola to speak. Breathily, Nicola simply says, “Everybody’s wearing SKIMS.” However, fans were split in their response to Kim working with Nicola.

Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand teams up with Nicola Coughlan. - Instagram
SKIMS teams up with Nicola Coughlan. – Instagram

Some Fans Adore Nicola Coughlan’s SKIMS Debut

Furthermore, Nicola Coughlan shows off a gray Soft Lounge dress with a faded pink background making a breathtaking photo that looks like a painting. Some fans adore seeing Nicola in Kim Kardashian’s brand.

  • “I love her so much, seeing someone with my exact body in the media is so refreshing and empowering.”
  • “Work of ART. like literally.”
  • “Ngl this literally looks like a painting.. like you could hang this in an art museum and no one would bat an eye 💕.”
  • “Nicola was SUCH a good move Skims… 🔥😍.”
  • “The marketing team needs a raise.”
Nicola Coughlan looks like a work of art. - Instagram
Nicola Coughlan looks like a work of art. – Instagram

Other Fans Bash Kim Kardashian For Choosing To Work With Nicola

After Kim Kardashian posted the video with Nicola Coughlan, some fans were quick to judge SKIMS‘ choice.

  • One commenter says, “Why giving the honor to an antisemitic person as her.”
  • Another says, “Shes not deserving of the honour.” When other commenters ask why, the explanation was, “Shes had some antisemitic remarks.”
  • However, a fan quickly stands up for Nicola saying, “She hasn’t said anything antisemitic. She has just said she doesn’t agree with the bombing of innocent Palestinians.”
Most fans think Kim Kardashian is a genius for incorporating Nicola Coughlan in her SKIMS campaign. - Instagram
Most fans think Kim Kardashian is a genius for incorporating Nicola Coughlan in her SKIMS campaign. – Instagram

Critics Hijack SKIMS Posts

The pushback comes amid Israel’s war on Gaza. Nicola Coughlan has been upfront about not supporting Israel even if it affects her career. “To me, it always becomes about supporting all innocent people, which sounds oversimplified,” Nicola said in an interview with Teen Vogue in April 2024. “But I think you’ve got to look at situations and just think, Are we supporting innocent people no matter where they’re from, who they are? That’s my drive.” Likewise, Kim Kardashian is familiar with the backlash on posts. Notably, critics slam her for her stance on Palestine through several of this campaign’s posts. While critics hijack some of the posts, most of the feedback shows that Nicola is a spectacular choice for SKIMS. Undeniably, Bridgerton fans are beyond thrilled to see her stunning debut.


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What do you think about Kim Kardashian and Nicola Coughlan’s SKIMS Collaboration? Do you think it was “genius” or a bad choice? Are you ready for the new episode of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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