Kylie Jenner’s Latest Look Compared To TLC Fundie Family

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During the past week, Kylie Jenner has fans eyeing her new style. While she has been floating around to multiple fashion shows, some of her fashion styles are coming into question.

Kylie Jenner Traveling For Fashion

Jetsetting to Milan, Kylie Jenner is showing off her newest looks. She traveled to several fashion shows lately. Notably, she and her boyfriend Timothee Chalamet have attended a few together. Both at a New York Fashion Week event and the Haider Ackermann fashion show pictured them together.

Milan Fashion Week

Undoubtedly, Kylie Jenner made a change to her appearance when attending the Milan Fashion Week. While she switches her look fairly frequently, the new look is lighter and more natural. One of the first looks that surfaced was softer yet stunning. With her hair up, she was wearing a black turtle neck top and a fitted sparkly skirt made out of beads. Along with this outfit, she toned down her makeup but it was very flattering, bringing out her natural features. While drastically different from most outfits she chooses, it is still striking. Fans were pleasantly surprised by this look.

Then she found a 1992 vintage Prada minidress that was covered in flowers. Some jokingly thought it looked like popcorn, but most said it was elegant and beautiful. However, as the week went on, another photo had fans questioning her taste.

Business Meeting Or Modest Coverup?

As the week in Milan progressed, Kylie Jenner shared a snapshot of herself on Instagram. This time, the fan reviews are very mixed in their view of the dress. In this situation, she was wearing a long black skirt suit. It was flared out in the middle with a white collar and cuffs for a Dolce & Gabbana show. Additionally, the skirt extended to her knee with a slit along the sides. Beneath the skirt her legs showed, displaying her tall sheer stockings and black heels.

She shared a TikTok video preparing for the Milan Fashion Week.


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Kylie Jenner’s Appearance Is Getting Mix Reviews

During the video, she flaunts her puffy blazer as she struts through Milan. In the comments section, fans split their reviews. Some thought the outfit was unoriginal while others said fancy.

One of the harshest critiques compared Kylie Jenner to another famous family saying, “You’re giving off Duggar vibes.” Since the Duggar family only permits women to dress conservatively, this wasn’t exactly a compliment. Generally known for their long skirts, plaid dresses, and clunky collars, they aren’t usually trendsetters. Also, they tend to be very modest and do not show much of their legs or the rest of their body for that matter.

One person said, “Kylie’s so pretty inside and out. I can just feel her energy and it’s so good!” Another positive was, “This look was truly amazing. It suited you perfectly, Kylie.” And showing support for her business professionalism, “Truly a businesswoman and an inspiration.”

But others compared her to Men In Black and Wednesday Addams. “Saw this before. Men in Black vibes,” and, “Someone saw Wednesday and said: ‘Yeah, I want that on Kylie.”

Did you like Kylie Jenner’s black suit? What about the new looks she displayed throughout the week? Drop some comments below letting us know what you think.

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