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Kourtney Kardashian Blasted For Hefty Priced Lemme Vitamins

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Kourtney Kardashian recently unveiled her own lifestyle brand Lemme which sells products in the health & wellness category. However, her new vitamin supplements didn’t receive positive feedback after they launched on September 27. The 43-year-old unveiled the products that comprise three different types of vitamins that boast different uses.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Lemme Vitamins Come In A Pack Of Three

But, what caught the fans’ eyes was the price at which each bottle of these vitamins was being sold. Each bottle of Lemme Vitamins sells for $30 which is a bit too steep according to fans. As per the brand, the supplements are curated with an innovative science-backed formula that is just as delicious. Moreover, the package is created with 100 percent post-consumer-recycled materials.

Kourtney Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Lemme is a product of Kourtney’s passion for health & wellness that came into being after five years of intensive research alongside leading MDs, scientists, and botanists. This kit of three vitamin supplements consists of:

  • Lemme Matcha
  • Lemme Chill
  • Lemme Focus

Fans Are Disappointed At The Questionable Lemme Ingredients

As per The Sun, each of these vitamins is priced at $30 each and the design on the bottle is inspired by Kourtney’s love for vintage candy jars. However, fans weren’t happy and shared their disappointment on Instagram as one wrote, “We need afterpay.”

“$30 for one thing? I should have guessed it would be a luxury brand,” wrote another surprised fan.

However, the price of the product wasn’t the only thing that concerned fans. Fans were also disappointed about the ingredients in the vitamins and the shipping services.

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[Source: Instagram]

A fan worried about the content of the supplements wrote, “Why would you use ubiquinone instead of ubiquinol? Why use cyanocobalamin instead of methylcobalamin? Everyone considering purchasing these please do your research on the ingredients. I was excited for these but they are not even using active forms of ingredients, basically wasting your money on inactive ingredients that do not absorb properly.”

Another critic commented how the shipping services weren’t available in Canada. They wrote, “Was so excited but can’t order them as I live in Canada.”

Kourtney Kardashian Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“Expected higher quality from the ingredients especially being Kourtney’s brand,” chimed a third disappointed fan.

Will Kourtney And Travis Soon Welcome A Child?

Apart from focusing on her work, the Poosh owner is also considering expanding her family. Although Kourtney is a mom to three beautiful kids, she is yet to welcome any children with her husband Travis Barker. In the Hulu show The Kardashians, the couple discussed trying IVF. However, fans are now speculating that the reality star is already pregnant. Lately, she is seen wearing baggy clothing. The mother of three also posed for pictures and held her stomach hinting that a new member might be on the way.

Kourtney Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As of now the new Lemme vitamins are only available in America and are free of synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners, & sugar alcohols.

What do you think of Kourtney’s new vitamin supplements? Do you think the pricing is steep? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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