‘RHONJ’ Danielle Staub Out For Blood, Accusations Flying

RHONJ Danielle Staub - YouTube/Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

Danielle Staub is out for blood again again. This time, the victim of Danielle’s hurtful words is her former RHONJ co-star Margaret Josephs. In a recent video shared on social media, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star accused Margaret of doing something shocking. Keep reading to see what she said and if there’s any truth to it.

Is Margaret Josephs Using Fake Social Accounts To Attack Costars?

Since Danielle Staub left RHONJ, she has been flinging accusations left and right. Her latest claims against Margaret Josephs accuse the Bravo star of creating more than 275 fake social media accounts to attack other people on the show. Specifically, she says that Margaret is using her fake accounts to attack Teresa Giudice and Siggy Flicker.

The latest accusations coming from Danielle aren’t a huge surprise to RHONJ fans. Danielle and Margaret didn’t get along when the former was still on the Bravo show.

RHONJ Margaret Josephs - YouTube/Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
YouTube/Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

Danielle Staub is claiming that Margaret Josephs has hired people to use fake accounts to drag Teresa and Siggy on social media. She says that Marge allegedly told her about hiring women to do her “dirty work.”

RHONJ Producers Favor Margaret, According To Others

While Danielle isn’t the best source of information, this isn’t the first time Margaret’s name has been brought up when it comes to trashing other people for her own gain. In June 2023, Siggy Flicker said that the RHONJ producers play favorites and Margaret is one of them.

Siggy claimed that it is because Margaret “will go into dark places where no one dares.” Additionally, Siggy said that Margaret is willing to do whatever the producers on the show ask her to do, so she has protection.

On top of that, Marge is known to be a gossip. In a previously aired episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rachel Fuda said that she was warned by other castmates that Margaret had an “arsenal” of information about her friends and enemies. That point was proven in Season 14 when Marge shared screenshots of Jackie Goldschneider talking about Dolores Catania, calling her a “slob.”

RHONJ Margaret Josephs - Instagram
Instagram/Margaret Josephs

Jackie tried to defend her side of the story, but Margaret stood by her decision to share the receipts with Dolores. In an Instagram Story, she wrote, “Screenshots over cheap shots every time.”

Of course, Jackie didn’t see it that way and let everyone know she thought that Margaret Josephs was a bad person for what she did. She also clarified that she doesn’t think poorly of Dolores. Jackie said that she was just “mad in the moment.”

Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently airing on Bravo. You can catch new episodes on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST and they are available to stream the next day on Peacock.

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