‘RHONJ’ Fans Fear Melissa Gorga Replacing Teresa As Main Star

'RHONJ' stars Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice/Credit: Bravo YouTube

Teresa Giudice has allegedly always been fearful that her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, will replace her on RHONJ. Fans are convinced she was right to worry. Keep reading to find out why.

Melissa Gorga’s Extended Family Takes Center Stage In Upcoming Episode

Teresa Giudice never wanted her brother, Joe, or his wife, Melissa, to join The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It’s been a bone of contention for years whether they joined the show behind Teresa’s back, as she claims

Melissa and Joe Gorga-Instagram
Melissa and Joe Gorga-Instagram

Things are so bad between Teresa and her sister-in-law that they wouldn’t film Season 14 of the Bravo show together. And that there won’t be a reunion after the season is done airing.

Joe Gorga and his family were no-shows at Teresa’s 2022 wedding to Louie Ruelas. However, he plays a major role in the wedding of Melissa’s cousin, Nicholas Marco.

A preview of the upcoming episode “Behind Frenemy Lines” shows that Melissa and her sister, Lysa, are bridesmaids at the wedding. Joe Gorga officiates the nuptials.

Monsters & Critics reveals that Margaret Josephs and her husband, Joe Benigno, attended the wedding of Melissa Gorga’s cousin.

Bravo cameras filmed the wedding for Season 14, a move that confused and infuriated fans.

RHONJ Fans Upset Over Melissa Replacing Teresa As Main Star

Instagram account @rhonjobsessed shared the preview clip of the episode. RHONJ fans took to the comments to complain over an entire episode of people outside the main cast.

  • Why are cameras at Melissa’s cousin wedding?
  • Why is this a scene for the show? The audience doesn’t know these ppl, why does Bravo think we would care about this wedding.
  • Bravo fans waiting a year for this season to start just to watch Teresas brothers wife’s cousins brothers dogs uncles friends mother in laws cats owners wedding
  • Teresa’s brothers wife’s cousins wedding is an unnecessary use of airtime
  • Another FAKE storyline for the gorgas. It’s nice that Joe did it but it was all for a storyline. Joe isn’t a housewife, why is he acting like one
  • Why do we have to watch the thirsty sisters and drunk mom
  • Why was this filmed? Did they run out of ideas? Lordy!
  • What a waste of an episode
  • Producers should get fired for this

But with Teresa and Melissa refusing to film together, perhaps the network had no other choice but to film the wedding for content.

Do you think fans are overreacting, or is Bravo planning to replace Teresa as the main star of RHONJ? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. We could only get so lucky as to have Teresa’s washed up storyline and disgusting drama replaced on the show. She used to be a favorite but I have lost interest with her and Luis fake reality they live in…

  2. I am sooo sick of Teresa’s toxicity and Louie egging her on… he honestly makes Joe look like a prince!!! I REALLY HOPE THEY KICK HER OFF OF SHOW!!!!

  3. Teresa needs to go!! it’s been long over due. she has no story line!! it’s the same crap over and over with her! Melissa and Joe is the reason why Teresa has any story at all. Teresa is trash, toxic, and has ripped her family apart all on her own. Joe and Melissa both have for many years try make things right. They have done everything and anything to try make her happy and it’s never good enough. She always finds way to try make them the bad guys. They have done nothing but defend her for years even when she was in the wrong and was wrong. They were 100 percent loyal to her but she never ever was them. no matter what. She expects everyone to bend to her even when she is way out of line but yet she can do and say whatever she wants. Absolutely not!! Andy and bravo has let her put herself so high on a pedestal that she thinks she can treat and do whatever she likes and there’s nothing anyone can do or say about it!! I’m sorry that’s not how life works or how life is. You have to have a little bit of respect for yourself and other people and clearly she doesn’t has any. she has no loyalty to anyone what so ever. she will do anything to anyone and say anything just to be in spot light and make a little money. clearly that’s why she has Noone. it’s time for Teresa to go it’s long overdue!! it’s same story same crap over over again. At least Melissa and Joe have grown throughout the years and really made something of themselves and they are very respectful people. Joe has earned his spot to be on the show. his wife and him are a package deal. They have built everything together like a marriage is supposed to be!! team work makes the dream work!! everyone is just jealous that they don’t have the relationship or marriage like they do!! get over it and quit hatting!! Give credit where credit is due!! Teresa has never liked Melissa because she’s always been jealous of her plain and simple!! she started hating on her brother Joe because she’s jealous of the marriage and life he has because that’s how she thought hers was supposed to be and was but it wasn’t and isn’t! she has literally let her own jealousy ruin her family and her relationship with her brother!! Jesus says not be jealous it will ruin great things and great relationships for you!! This is a prime example of it right here! people can come up with all the excuses they want to about why there relationship is way it is but that’s just excuses. oh but it’s goes back years you just don’t know how deep or far back etc etc.. that’s all load of crap! if you truly care about someone you will get through it work it out etc which Joe and Melissa did and tried every year but Teresa would be okay for little then would go right back to old bull crap and try flip it like it’s them or something they did or said when whole time it’s her talking crap and doing crap behind there back or to the public etc.. why?? because of jealousy simple as that. she just can’t be happy for them or anyone that’s doing better than her or her relationship. it’s as simple as that. jealousy is a very ugly trait and it’s very dangerous! so it’s time for Teresa to go. let her be miserable somewhere else. misery loves company and she wants everyone to be miserable with her that’s why she’s out trying to get whatever she can on everyone. so bravo Andy get rid of her it’s no lose. truly it isn’t the world will still be okay without her even the show itself

  4. the only reason why I watch the show is because of Teresa good TV with her bad TV with Melissa she’s pure evil and so is her husband Joe they’re like parasites attached to Teresa so that they could become something

  5. Theresa needs to go .. I don’t watch her part , I fast forward her to the next housewives. Andy Cohen is at fault . He created a monster who thinks the show is all about her.. Get rid of her or cancel the show

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