Margaret Josephs Faces Backlash Over Her Behavior On ‘RHONJ’

Margaret Josephs/Credit: Bravo YouTube

Margaret Josephs is facing intense backlash from RHONJ fans and castmates alike over her behavior on the show’s latest season. Known for her sharp tongue and unfiltered opinions, Margaret has never been one to mince words. However, this season has seen her take things to a whole new level, with many accusing her of crossing the line from sassy to downright cruel.

Future Of RHONJ In Question

Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey just started airing last month but it’s already one of the most dramatic seasons ever. The drama between the ladies is so tense that they refuse to reunite to hash things out in a reunion episode, which is a Bravo staple.

Margaret Josephs/Credit: Bravo YouTube
Margaret Josephs/Credit: Bravo YouTube

Bravo host Andy Cohen didn’t reveal much about the lack of the reunion, but assured fans they would understand the decision as the season progresses. Viewers got a small glimpse of the coming drama in the show’s latest episode.

What Did Margaret Josephs Do Now?

A housewarming party is a joyous occasion…. unless you’re filming a reality show. Is there nothing the ladies of RHONJ won’t ruin? Who can forget Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga’s infamous fight at Baby Joey’s christening on the Season 3 premiere?

The latest episode featured a housewarming party for Joe and Melissa Gorga’s new home. When she’s not feuding with Teresa Giudice, Margaret Josephs is stirring the pot with the other ladies. On the receiving end in the latest episode was Jackie Goldschneider and Dolores Catania.

Her antics at the housewarming party had fans calling her “vile,” what happened?

After a disagreement with Jackie at the party, Margaret decided to get messy and let Dolores know how Jackie really feels about her. She sent Dolores a screenshot of Jackie talking trash about her and calling her a “slob.”

Fans React

Bravo fans were quick to take to Twitter to share their reaction. Check out some of the tweets about Margaret’s actions (via Monsters & Critics):

  • Oh Marge is f**ken ruthless. This is why they all said they wouldn’t want to go against Marge because of how she dirty she plays.
  • Margaret is the most negative person on this show, her toxicity seeps into every scene
  • I actually hate Margaret. She is so nasty. Sending that text and waiting to see the reaction.
  • Marge is so vile. She tells Dolo something private Jackie said. Then she sends Jackie’s text to Dolo WHILE she’s talking to her!
  • The way Margaret swerved on Jackie so quick was disgusting. She’s really lost her mind this season and turned evil

One fed up RHONJ fan even suggested Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs both need to be fired.

What do you think of Margaret’s antics on the reality show? Has the crossed the line from entertaining to vile? Sound off in the comments.

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