‘RHONJ’ Season 14 Alternate Reunion Special Details Revealed

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The RHONJ Season 14 alternate reunion special details have been revealed as fans are still upset there will be no official reunion. Andy Cohen has tried to say that the lack of reunion will make sense when viewers see the season finale. Yet, it feels ominous knowing that there is no conclusion or questions answered by the cast. So, what is Bravo doing to tie things together? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Season 14 Alternate Reunion Special Details Revealed

Season 14 of RHONJ has been a hot mess as the cast is severely divided, more so than ever. They cannot even film together and it has been noted the show cannot go on like this. Though it created a new and different dynamic for this year, it is not sustainable in the long run. There has been talk of doing a reboot for Season 15 or letting go of much of the cast and bringing in fresh blood. Andy Cohen has said that the show will take a breather when it ends so they can reevaluate everything. Then, some decisions will be made.

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The biggest issue is that there will be no reunion for this season and that has caused fear in some viewers. When RHONY ended after Season 13, they promised a reunion and that never happened. The show took a pause and then it was completely rebooted with a new cast. Diehard fans have reason to be fearful that this could be the end of an era and understandably so. However, there is some good news as there will be a special airing in place of the reunion. So, how will this work?

According to Monsters & Critics, it is going to be new, different, and maybe the new way to do things. The news of how RHONJ is attempting this is via @rhonjobsessed. Apparently, both divided sides of the cast will watch the season finale and then share their commentary on it. It is said to be filmed in July 2024, a handful of weeks before viewers get to see the finale. This was done at the Season 11 Vanderpump Rules reunion when the cast saw the last five minutes of the finale for the first time together to get real-time reactions.

A Bad Idea

After RHONJ fans learned of this, they were not all thrilled with the concept. Immediately, they headed to the comment section to share their thoughts:

  • This is not a reunion, and so unnecessary
  • Stupidest thing I’ve read all day
  • For them to have to go through all this the last episode better have me falling off the couch
  • It’s still not giving what it’s suppose to give..

Since Dolores Catania is such a neutral party, fans wondered if she would be bouncing between both sides. She will likely be on Teresa Giudice’s “team” but anything can and will happen. The finale is expected to be epic so time will tell how this plays out and if it was a good or bad idea.

What do you think of the alternate reunion? Let us know your thoughts and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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