‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Breaks Silence On Rumors He’s Broke

Joey Graziadei/Credit: Kelsey Anderson Instagram

Is Joey Graziadei broke? The Bachelor star breaks his silence in an iconic way on rumors that he’s in financial straits. Keep reading to find out his truth about the state of his finances.

Joey Graziadei Reveals How Bachelor Tanked His Credit

To many Bachelor Nation fans, Joey Graziadei was the perfect pick for the Season 28 Bachelor. But one thing he wasn’t perfect at was paying his bills. He was a guest on Jason Tartick’s Trading Secrets podcast last month, along with fiance Kelsey Anderson.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei via YOuTube
Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei via YouTube

Before he was a reality star, Tartick had a career in the finance industry. He’s since used his money smarts to write two books and launch the podcast.

Joey Graziadei confessed that a misstep when he was filming The Bachelor had very real consequences. Graziadei revealed that he missed a credit card payment for three months and it tanked his credit score.

He also raised eyebrows by revealing that he’s living with Kelsey Anderson because his poor credit made it impossible for him to get an apartment on his own.

He Breaks Silence On Rumors He’s Broke

Joey Graziadei is aware of the rumors swirling online that he’s broke. He cleared up the confusion in the most iconic way. He partnered with Credit Karma for an online ad detailing his financial mistakes.

The reality star clarified in two videos posted on his Instagram Stories that despite reports, he is not broke. He revealed that he was able to raise his credit score after the flub. He went on to promote the partnership with Credit Karma and even gave tips on how to improve credit scores.

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to praise Joey Graziadei for the collaboration with Credit Karma. One person called it making lemonade out of lemons. Check out some of the other reactions:

  • Love this for him. Get paid, Joey. There’s been so much absurdity and ignorance around this topic.
  • Honestly I love this ad. I need any advice I can get
  • I say good for him. He was being heavily criticized on Facebook, at least until they found out his credit score was still around 650 even after it dropped about 80 points. Then they said “650? That’s not bad”. So good for him for making this into an ad opportunity lol
  • This is actually a really smart ad
  • Get that bag Joey. Honestly people make this mistake all the time when it comes to credit scores. If others can learn from his mistakes and he can make a little money on the side, that’s a win.
  • Financial literacy is something we should be taught in school, NOT via a freaking Tik Tok from a former Bachelor!!! GET IT TOGETHER AMERICA

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