Could Kelsey Anderson And Joey Graziadei Be Married Already?

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei

Fans have noticed a huge clue that points to Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei already being married. The two got engaged at the final rose ceremony of The Bachelor. Fans love watching their journey together after the show. They are always posting and traveling for fans to see. They were recently in Nashville when fans noticed something odd. Keep reading to find out more.

Kelsey Anderson Wins Joey Graziadei’s Heart

Kelsey Anderson was in the final two with Daisy Kent. During their final date, Daisy could tell there was something off, and knew Joey was not going to choose her. She then went to Kelsey’s room and asked if everything seemed fine between them to make sure she wasn’t just in her head. When Kelsey said they were good, that solidified how Daisy was feeling. She then went to the final rose ceremony with Kelsey in the same car. She told Joey she knew it wasn’t her and wished him the best. Kelsey and Joey have been engaged ever since and are doing great.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei via YOutube 1

Fans Think The Two Could Be Married

Kelsey and Joey recently went on a trip to Nashville with some of their family and friends. However, fans noticed something in the Instagram post-Kelsey made. Joey has a band on his left ring finger. This led fans to believe that the two were already married. However, Joey only has it on in one of the pictures which confused fans even more. This could be an engagement ring of his own. Or it could be a ring to track his health. It is unknown if the two got married without anyone knowing or not. However, it is more than likely not a wedding ring due to both of them agreeing that they want a long engagement that lasts years. What do you think the ring is?


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It seems that Joey certainly did have a ring of some sort on his left ring finger. However, this may not be a wedding band and could mean something completely different. Fans are unsure if the two already tied the knot. Viewers expected the two to have a huge, televised wedding like most of the stars. However, the two have more of a spontaneous vibe and they could have eloped with their close family and friends. Do you think they are married? Or do you think the ring is something else? Sound off in the comments below.

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