‘The Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Has Major Change In Appearance

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right

A contestant on The Price Is Right pointed out a change in Drew Carey’s appearance recently. The game show host has undergone some significant transformations over the years, but what has he changed now? Keep reading to find out.

Contestant Points Out A Change In Drew Carey’s Face

Drew Carey has been the face of The Price Is Right for nearly 17 years. During that time, viewers have seen him undergo various changes in appearance. Most notably, he’s lost a lot of weight in that time. However, that isn’t what a recent contestant on the show pointed out.

David, a barber from Pasadena, California, was brought down to The Price Is Right stage. As he chatted with Drew before taking his turn, David spoke with the game show host about his hair grooming habits.

“What’s up man, nice to see you! Welcome to the show,” Drew said, shaking David’s hand. The contestant replied, “Thank you so much,” and then spoke about his job as a barber.

Drew Carey - YouTube/The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

“I was wondering when you’re going to grow your beard back?” David asked The Price Is Right host. He gestured toward his own long beard.

“Oh, I don’t know. I just got tired of it,” Drew responded, rubbing his own chin. Then David pointed out Drew’s soul patch, saying that it is “looking good.” Drew Carey complimented the man back, telling him that his beard looked “great.”

Drew Carey Never Saw Himself On The Price Is Right, But Loves It

The Price Is Right host recently participated in an interview with TV InsiderDuring the conversation, Drew revealed that many of the contestants on the game show will show up to the studio smelling like booze.

“Oh, that happens here all the time,” he said. “They’ll have a gummy or I’ll smell alcohol on their breath. Not unusual. There was a guy here that was tripping on mushrooms.”

He also opened up about his future on the game show. Drew has mentioned several times that he doesn’t plan on retiring from The Price Is Right any time soon.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

The Whose Line Is It Anyway? star initially took over for Bob Barker when he retired. Drew has admitted that he never saw himself in the role of game show host, but he has embraced the job over the years.

Now, he has a lot of fun hosting the show and plans to do everything he can to keep it on the air.

“And I want to be a good steward of the show, so I don’t screw it up and wreck it from the very beginning,” he said, as the anniversary of Bob Barker’s death approaches. “I just wanted to make sure it was always on.”

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