‘The Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Disses Player’s Shirt, Why?

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

The Price Is Right host Drew Carey knows a thing or two about style. Recently, he dissed a player’s shirt while on the big stage. Why did the host insult this contestant, and what did he have to say?

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey Knows A Thing Or Two About Keeping It Classy

When you land a major hosting gig like The Price Is Right, it goes without saying that you need to dress the part. Since taking over hosting duties from the legendary Bob Barker, Drew Carey has done a great job filling those shoes, as stylish as they are.

Of course, The Price Is Right isn’t the only game show where the host is known for flashy attire. One other popular host that comes to mind is Steve Harvey. Harvey always has a fancy suit on when he takes the Family Feud stage, and Drew Carey is much the same.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey/YouTube

Carey Insults A Player’s Attire, Why?

In recent The Price Is Right segments, a player on the show came down in what appeared to be a t-shirt with some writing on it. At first, it’s something that many might not have noticed. However, as quick to the punch as Drew Carey is, nothing got by him.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that this man’s shirt was grammatically incorrect, especially after Drew Carey took the time to point it out. The contestant’s shirt read: “NOT NO ONE NOT LIKE NO PLINKO.”

In the trademark tongue-in-cheek manner that Drew Carey is known for, he told the player: “I like your shirt.” Unfortunately, Carey informed the man that he would not, in fact, be playing a game of Plinko this time around.

Even the announcer, George, took the opportunity to make fun of the man’s shirt, using the wording to say: “Not no one not like…a brand new SUV!”

Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey Keeps It Light And Fun

It turns out, The Price Is Right host took shots at even more than this man’s wardrobe. After bringing attention to the shirt in question, Drew Carey asked this contestant where he was from. When the player said an emphatic “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,” the host joked, saying: “I was gonna say…”

Longtime fans of Drew Carey know he is no stranger to jabbing contestants and poking fun at them for a laugh. He even revealed recently that some players show up to the stage drunk or high. Ever the professional, with decades in the entertainment industry, Carey knows when to push and when to fall back, in order to get the best reactions out of people.

The Price Is Right Drew Carey - YouTube/CBS Mornings
Drew Carey – YouTube/CBS Mornings

In this case, Drew Carey making fun of the grammatical inaccuracies on this player’s shirt was a fun way to amuse fans, and get a laugh in the process.

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