‘The Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Talks About His Television Legacy

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Drew Carey recently opened up about what he thinks will be his legacy on television. The Price Is Right host has been on TV since 1991 and, in that time, has been part of several hit shows. Now, he is the face of one of the most popular game shows on air today. Surprisingly, he doesn’t think The Price Is Right is what he will be remembered for. Keep reading to see what Drew Carey thinks will be his legacy.

The Drew Carey Show May Be Syndicated Soon

The game show host has already opened up about retiring from The Price Is Right. Drew says that he plans to die in that role if he’s still able to do the job and the network will continue to employ him. Given his popularity, it is likely that the 66-year-old will be in that role for a while longer.

However, The Price Is Right is far from the only thing Drew Carey has done on TV. Recently, he has talked about getting his old sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, more accessible to viewers. Unlike other popular sitcoms, like Friends and The OfficeThe Drew Carey Show is not in syndication.

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The TV show featuring the star’s name ran for nine seasons from 1995 to 2004. Drew Carey played a fictional version of himself on the show. It also starred Christa Miller, Craig Ferguson, Diedrich Bader, Kathy Kinney, and Ryan Stiles.

During its time on air, it was ranked number 20 in the first 3 seasons. While viewers can purchase the series to watch, Drew revealed that it isn’t currently in syndication because of “music rights and stuff.” You can buy episodes on Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.

“We’re going to try to change that around and get it back out there,” Drew told TV InsiderThe Price Is Right host believes that the show would continue to be popular today, noting that much of the subject matter is “timeless” and “pretty funny.”

What Will Drew Carey’s TV Legacy Be?

That being said, Drew doesn’t believe that The Drew Carey Show or The Price Is Right will define his time on television. Rather, he thinks fans will remember him for another popular show he was on.

He believes that his real mark on TV history was on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Drew hosted the improv sketch comedy show. Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles were often on stage. Occasionally, Drew would join them for sketches. They also had other stars join them for different episodes.

Ryan Stiles - YouTube/Comedy Central Africa
YouTube/Comedy Central Africa

“I always told Ryan that Whose Line was going to be our legacy show. That was the funniest show on TV ever. We have iconic moments like Richard Simmons on the show,” he said.

Drew Carey is still in touch with his old pals from Whose Line too. He mentioned that he and Wayne Brady couldn’t believe that they both host game shows now. Wayne hosts Let’s Make A Deal in the same studio where The Price Is Right is filmed. Ryan Stiles is currently on the Whose Live Anyway? Tour alongside Greg Proops, Jeff B. Davis, and Joel Murray.

Do you agree with Drew Carey? Will he be most remembered for Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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