‘Below Deck Med’ Kyle Viljoen Returning To Bravo?

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Season 8 of Below Deck Med was not a good one for Kyle Viljoen and many Bravo fans wanted to see the back of him. He clashed with Tumi Mhlongo, Natalya, and Max Salvador. After he left the show, he claimed that he got death threats. But, it seems that didn’t put him off reality TV as he hinted at a return.

Kyle Viljoen Got Some Support

Kyle hails from South Africa, a country that legally recognized same-sex marriage in 2006. However, the Below Deck Med alum recently complained that the yachting industry isn’t open to the LGBTQ+ community. So, in a way, it seems as if he blamed most of his problems on that. For Bravo fans, it seemed less complicated. In Season 7 they thought he was lazy and in Season 8 those allegations arose again.

Kyle Viljoen On WWHL [WWHL | YouTube]
Below Deck med alum Kyle Viljoen On WWHL – YouTube
He’d injured his ankle in season 7 and in Season 8 when he collapsed, some Below Deck Med fans thought he was malingering. However, it turned out that he became desperately ill. Kyle Viljoen’s description of his illness sounded horrifying, and some critics had the grace to feel bad.  His mental health deteriorated and he went home to his now husband, Dr. Zachary Riley.

A Return To Bravo?

On Friday, the former Below Deck Med star shared a post on Instagram. The stew who infuriated Chief Stew Tumi Mhlongo, a fellow South African, and caused Natalya to leave wants a return to reality TV. In his post, he shared extracts from an interview with Pride. You can watch the interview further down in this article.

Kyle Viljoen Instagram
Kyle Viljoen – Instagram

Kyle Viljoen complained about how the yachting industry is still not inclusive. Plus, he talked about how he showed his authentic self on Below Deck Med. Furthermore, he said that “whether you liked it or you disliked it,” he’s got “nothing to hide.”

Kyle Viljoen Claims yachting industry is not inclusive - Pride via Instagram
Kyle Viljoen Claims the yachting industry is not inclusive – Pride via Instagram

Speaking about a return to Bravo, he said:

I’m not going to say where. I’m not going to say when, but I’m going to say soon. I can’t wait to see you guys more on Bravo soon.

Below Deck Med Fans React

On Instagram, a lot of Bravo fans came out in support of the former stew. Here are some of their comments:

  • Maybe The Traitors? I could see that being a great fit! Seriously-you would be perfectly persuasive in either roll!
  • Best thing to do if you want and treasure your sanity. STAY OFF [Reality TV]
  • I’m here for it 👏❤️💅
  • I listened to Andy and Jeff Lewis on Sirius recently and a caller asked if they would consider an “Ultimate Gays Trip”….i would watch @kylethebold in the Caribbean (on land not on a yacht) any day!

What are your thoughts about Kyle Viljoen hinting that he will return to Bravo? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Below Deck Med news.

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